Hearthstone Meta – the Prince and the Patched Villains (Myboosting.com)

Hearthstone Meta – the Prince and the Patched Villains (Myboosting.com)


Hearthstone Meta – the Prince and the Patched Villains (Myboosting.com)

October 26 , 2017


Patch hit live on 18th September 2017 and changed forever some of the most iconic cards and archetypes in the game. Now roughly about a month later we can analyze its implications for the current state of Hearthstone meta.


Pirate Warrior is definitely the deck that took the biggest blow. Without Fiery Waraxe this archetype tried to evolve to versions with Prince Keleseth but people quickly realized that Rogue is just better for the job.

Murlock Paladin. Perhaps this deck doesn’t belong to the section ‘What is gone?’ because technically the archetype still exists and unlike Pirate Warrior it is playable. However the power level of the deck was greatly diminished and it’s no longer a tier one choice neither for ladder nor for tournaments.



Razakus Priest emerged unscathed after the nerfs. The deck was one of the best before the Patch and since a lot of other good decks were maimed one way or the other it became even stronger afterwards.

Jade Druid. Yes, you read that right. The deck that was probably the main culprit for the patch to happen is still among the top tier archetypes. We gotta admit however that it’s not alone anymore up there like it used to be.


With Pirate Warrior gone, and Murloc Paladin seriously crippled the crown for the ‘best aggro deck’ needed a new king. Tempo Rogue with Prince Keleseth claimed it without much competition. I give Blizzard the credit for turning a useless legendary (before the nerfs) into tier 1 material.

Zoolock. This deck is not new since it’s one of the most consistent archetypes in the history of the game. However it was absent from the meta for the last six months or so. Now it’s back again thanks to the combination of the nerfs and Prince Keleseth.



Here I will get into specifics about some of the above mentioned decks. Without any doubt there are three decks that stand out to be better than all the rest:

Tempo Keleseth Rogue. This deck combines the early game threat of the pirate package with a great tempo toolbox provided by the rogue class cards. Furthermore, later in the game it has some serious heavy-hitters like Cobalt Scalebane and Bonemare. Finally, it can steal wins out of nowhere bursting the opponent with Leeroy Jenkins buffed with Cold Blood and/or replayed with Shadow Step.

Razakus Priest. If you prefer more control oriented playstyle, this is your deck. When you play against faster opponents this deck has all the necessary tools to blunt aggression by removing minions and healing face. On the other hand it is no slouch versus control and midrange because of the powerful combination between Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin. The deck runs a lot of cards draw specifically to find these two cards and once both of them are online the game ends pretty fast.

Jade Druid. This deck isn’t as broken as it used to be but it can still ramp mana and jades pretty fast and this turns out to be good strategy against the current meta. If you like big minions and powerful spells early in the game go for it.

I’d like to make a quick comparison between these three decks. Each of them is good against one of the others and bad against the other one as it follows:

  • Rogue has an edge against Jade Druid and should be an underdog versus Priest
  • Priest loses to Jade Druid and wins against Rogue
  • Jade Druid beats Priest and falls short against Rogue.

However I want to stress that all three decks are fantastic right now and the matchups between them are not too polarized. This means that you can win against an unfavorable opponent and this won’t be a shock. Personally I recommend Rogue for laddering since the games go faster compared with the other two.

Other than that I strongly suggest that you don’t play Warrior because without Fiery Waraxe this class is just garbage at the moment. Avoid playing hunter as well since in my experience it cannot consistently win in his supposedly best matchups against slower decks - mostly Druid and Priest.

Hope this short meta analysis will be useful for you guys.

Article from: Bloodhound


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