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Hearthstone meta updates - Myboosting.com


Hearthstone meta updates - Myboosting.com

April 19 , 2017


Another week has passed since the launch of Journey to Un’Goro.

As a new Hearthstone boosting website we would like to keep you up-to-date with some of the most important changes recently made as well as with some of the most popular deck during the past week.

Lets start with the new changes hitting the Ranked play meta. As mentioned in our previous deck building article the meta is super aggressive right now.

Midrange/Adept Hunter(a pretty much aggressive deck) is one of the most popular BUDGET decks around. With the cost of only 1840 dust this deck can get you into legend in no time:


Its also pretty good against most of the Shaman murlock decks, aggressive Paladins and freeze Mages because of the Deathrattle and early board control minions. Its also pretty good against quest Warriors.

Another deck worth mentioning is the Quest Rogue. With the right hand its practically unbeatable. If you manage to pop up quest before turn 5, you will 90% win the game.


Its definitely an expensive one and it's not easy to play. It requires a lot of practice and knowledge about what you should keep and what you should discard.

Murlock Shaman is another super early aggressive deck. Its plus is that if you have the right hand you can end the game at turn 3-4. The bad thing about this deck is that if you don’t have the right starting hand it gets really hard to progress.


HS boost

Enough with the aggressive decks, lets get to the control.

Paladins with the new control cards can pretty much smash the aggression early/mid game and currently they are one of the best Inside legend climbing decks. They are extremely strong against other control decks like taunt Warriors, Ramp Druids and Mages since they can always control the board and put some pressure on the opponent.

Here are two of the best Paladin control decks:

DECK 1 - Inside legend climbing.

DECK 2 - Midrange Climb to legend deck.

Warriors: Extremely annoying to be played right now but really strong at the same time. The new quest taunt Warrior is probably one of the strongest counters to early aggressive decks, but they are weak against midrange and heavy control ones. Here are some of the best examples for quest control Warrior:


Druids are in a super good shape at this point especially the ramp ones. With weak early game, but with extremely strong midgame/late game. Ramp druid takes one of the top spots within current ranked meta. All you need to know while playing this deck is keep the mana gain cards, get some big taunts as soon as possible and make fun of your opponents.


Another important and really good deck is jade Druid. This is one of the best examples for jade Druids around, also it’s a budget deck and its super strong. But as the quest Rogue it also requires a lot of practice.


And of course, one of the decks we mentioned is Exodia Mage. Its OTK potential is one of the unstoppable things in game at this stage. We are expecting a massive nerf incoming to this deck since with a proper hand(which you can easy draw since whole deck is based on freeze enemy, draw cards OTK) you can get infinite fireball spam which is just too OP.

Here is the Exodia’s mage deck:


Those are some of the top decks from the past week. Myboosting.com will keep you in touch with all the new changes and updates in Hearthstone.

Also, expect our Hearthstone boosting sections soon.

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