Hearthstone next expansion announced - Boomsday Project

Hearthstone next expansion announced - Boomsday Project


Hearthstone next expansion announced - Boomsday Project

July 12 , 2018


We are about one month away from the second Hearthstone expansion in the Year of the Raven. It’s called The Boomsday Project. This expansion will be about mechs, science and big explosions – all coming from the secret laboratory of Dr. Boom. The official release date is August 7 and the first card reveal stream will happen on July 23. If you decide to pre-purchase the expansion you’ll have two options:

1) Regular. You’ll get 50 card packs, a random Golden Legendary, and a Mecha-Jaraxxus Card Back.

2) Mega Bundle. You’ll get everything from the regular pre-purchase plus 30 extra packs and a new Warlock Hero – Mecha-Jaraxxus,

Now let’s get to the most important part – cards and mechanics revealed so far:

Stargazer Luna. According to the information from the first video about the expansion Dr. Boom is gathering crazy scientists from each class to help him. We have seen two of them so far and they both cost 3. Stargazer Luna has a very peculiar text – after you play the right-most card in your hand, draw a card. You can’t plan much with this ability since your right-most card is always the latest addition to your hand. Nevertheless, this legendary minion seems quite powerful in faster mage archetypes where most of your cards are cheap anyways. The stats are also nice so this is definitely tier one material.

Electra Stormsurge. Another apprentice of Dr. Boom. Just like Luna, Electra is with decent stats and her ability might be game breaking. Just imagine – double Lightning Storm, double Healing Rain, double Volcano. Even if you draw 2 cards with Farsight, you won’t feel too bad. I’m in love with the design of the card since its effect is strong and unrelated to RnG. Undoubtedly this minion will be part of every good shaman deck (except for the even ones, obviously).

Myra’s Unstable Element. After Blizzard introduced legendary weapons now they are going to make legendary spells for each class. This card is the Rogue one. Such effect is unique to the game. Drawing your whole decks seems broken but let’s not forget that your hand is limited to 10 cards and this is a static limitation that applies at all times (compared to let’s say Magic the Gathering or the upcoming Artifact: Dota Card Game). I believe this card will be best used in miracle rogue archetypes where you need to draw those last cards left in your deck to find the missing burst damage or flood the board with spiders.

Omega Defender. There will be some cards in the set that will gain bonus if you have 10 mana crystals. The idea is not bad but for these cards to be playable they need to do something semi-decent even when you don’t have those crystals. However, this is not the case with Omega Defender. A 2/6 taunt for 4 mana is quite underwhelming and if I have 10 mana, I’m pretty sure I can do better than playing 12/6 (though it’s not bad obviously).

Biology Project. The project cards in The Boomsday Project will have very powerful effects but they’ll benefit both players. This one for example gives you and your opponent 2 mana crystals (they are not empty so it’s like the Nourish effect). I really like the idea behind this mechanic. It stimulates creative deck building since the best use for these cards is when your deck can take advantage of the effect better than your opponent. Of course the problem with this kind of thinking is that in the end the meta will settle down, we’ll be playing the same decks and when you hit the mirror, you won’t have any advantage for playing the project cards.

Spider Bomb. This card introduces one of the new keywords in the set – magnetic. Minions with magnetic can be played in one of two ways:

1) You can put them on the board normally like any other minion

2) You can fuse them with another mech. This adds their stats and effects together. Think about it like you’ve played Blessing of Kings or Unidentified Elixir.

This mechanic makes your cards versatile and it’s especially useful in decks that can get ahead on the board. If you have a mech to enchant then effectively you give the minion from your hand charge. Spider Bomb is ok-ish if you play it on its own and it can really swing the board when you fuse it with another mech and attack immediately.

Overall the new expansion looks really exciting so far. Follow our news section for more information and analysis on The Boomsday Project and stay tuned to our Hearthstone boosting section for new services and features.

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