Heroes of the Storm boosting service

Heroes of the Storm boosting website. Take a look at the variety of options our HotS boosting system provides and choose the one that suits you the best. An inside view of MyBoosting.com - fast and secure HotS boost service.

Heroes of the Storm boosting service

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm boosting service

September 15 , 2015

HotS boost with MyBoosting.com

Heroes of the Storm boosting is what we are good at and therefore what we offer our customers. As a newly formed website MyBoosting.com wants to assure its future clients that the quality of our services is nowhere to be matched. Although the site is young we are no strangers when it comes to boosting. Our past gaming experience spreads through years of experience in games like League of Legends, Hearthstone and Dota 2. We have been in the Heroes of the Storm rank boosting business from its very early stages and we are aiming to stay here for a long time. The efforts we have put so far are reflected on our website – we aimed to make an attractive design combined with a simple and fast way to surf through it. We think we have achieved that. We wanted to deliver everything you might need under one “roof”. Our project is still at its early stage and is developing into something much bigger as you are reading this. We will be adding members area and lots of other cool features in the upcoming months. We are generating our efforts into a game that we from MyBoosting.com love and play on daily basis, which is in our opinion a good formula for success. The name of our site was selected to include “My” because we really want to make it a bit more personal. For us each client is special and deserves to be treated that way. Although we know it is just a game we would love to make your experience in it as enjoyable as possible. The main goal of our website is to become a place where you can find anything you want related to Heroes of the Storm. We are confident that once you test our service you will never need to look anywhere else.

Why did we choose to get involved with HotS?

The newest Blizzard MOBA game Heroes of the Storm is currently one of the fastest developing games. With more than 10 million players active on the platform and counting it’s proving to be one of the biggest “hits” on the online gaming market. We all know the firm behind the game and we all know that the results will be more than satisfying.

What are the most intriguing aspects of Heroes of the Storm?

Hero league is one of its most interesting and competitive aspects. Currently it is presented in a 50 rank system with a peak spot at rank 1. An additional top rank has been officially announced – Grandmaster that is soon to be released. Currently the game ranked system works in the following way:
Every player starts from rank 50 with a fixed number of 20 placement games which should place him/her in an accurate position into the ladder. After the placement games are done each player is placed at a rank corresponding to his performance in the first 20 games – the better you do the better your initial rank will be. We love the fact that the competition starts from game 1 and only gets better from there on. It requires a number of different qualities and skills to get higher into the ladder. We have always been fans of challenging games and this is the thing that in our point of view attracts the most. There is no limit to what you can reach and there is always space for improvement.
HotS Team league is another aspect that we simply love. It is fun and really grabs your attention once you gather with your friends and start grinding the ladder. The top spots are really hard to achieve and need firm determination, a lot of skills and team coordination.

What does MyBoosting.com offer its customers?

We have it all. If it’s HotS related and you want it – we can provide it.

MyBoosting.com wants to offer its customers the best gaming experience, starting from the placement games. We offer Heroes of the Storm placement games either played by one of our boosters, or played by yourself with a professional booster (HotS Duoqueue boost).
If you are interested in getting a head start over your opponents visit our Heroes of the Storm placement games boosting section. Our boosters will make sure you get a perfect start for your ranked season.

Click the link below :
Buy Heroes of the Storm placement games boost

After finishing your first 20 games you will be placed at a specific rank. Getting out of the lower ranks can be tricky because Heroes of the Storm is extremely teambased game. You rely on your teammates a lot and if you don’t have the knowledge how to solo carry you might get stuck in the low/mid ranks. This is where our HotS boosting services comes into hand again. We offer a wide variety of services starting from Heroes of the Storm Hero league boosting. The skill level of our boosters is extremely high – we have a number of boosters at the top spots in Hero league and we also work with one of the top teams in Team league. They are at your disposal and will provide incredible winratios. The more you win the better your overall matchmaking rating will become (HotS MMR boost) and you will get matched with better opponents. You can take a look at our HotS rank boosting team before purchasing from us.

Along with the typical HotS ranked boosting, we also offer HotS duo queue boost and HotS win boost.
The options are there for you. The one that you feel is most suitable for your needs is the one you should choose. Here is a brief review of what these services offer.

Heroes of the Storm ranked boost (Hero league boost)– this is the most commonly used service that we provide. A booster will log onto your account and get you to the place in Hero league that you wish. Buying HotS Hero League boost guarantees you the end result. The rank you have selected as “Desired rank” will be the place you will get to play after we finish your order. Quality, speed and safety are guaranteed.

Buy HotS ranked boost (Hero league boost)

Heroes of the Storm Duoqueue boost – you will be matched with one of our boosters and you will start grinding the ladder together. There is no logging onto your account, therefore no account information is needed. You will be the one playing and climbing, only this time you will have a solid back up from a high skilled player in your team.
What kind of duo queue options do you have ?

1. Buy HotS duo queue boost with a specific number of games – the first option allows you to pick a fixed amount of games that you will play with our professional player.
2. Buy HotS duo queue boost with guaranteed rank – this option allows you to get a guaranteed finish rank. In other words the end result is guaranteed. You will play with your assigned booster in a team until you reach the “Desired rank” you have selected.

In addition to both main options you can choose to play and talk with your assigned booster during the games and pick up tips and strategies that you can use in the future to increase your HotS winrate. This is one of the most fun and exciting ways to get to the higher ranks of the ladder because you experience all of your games yourself.

HotS duo queue games boost
HotS duo queue rank boost

Heroes of the Storm win boost – You pick a number of wins that you need and we will deliver. This service is based on the NET win system which means that if you buy HotS win boost you will receive a number of wins over losses. Example: My order is 5 wins – the boost can go 5w/0l ; 6w/1l ; 7w/2l etc. We will be doing win boosts in Grandmaster.

HotS win boost

Heroes of the Storm Leveling – First and most importantly – we do not use BOTS or any other third party programs. This ensures the safety of your account. This service is extremely useful for a new players who do not have enough time to play and just want to enjoy the real competition that comes with Hero League (level 30) and Team League (level 40). We provide two types of leveling – HotS account leveling (Maxing your HotS account levels) and hero leveling (Maxing your champion of choice levels). Ordering this service you can give us or your booster a list of the champions that you want to purchase on your account. We will not use your gold, unless you require it or approve it in advance.

Heroes of the Storm Team league boost - You don't like playing hero league but prefer playing with 4 of your friends in a team? HotS Team league boosting is something that we are extremely good at. As mentioned above we work with one of the top tier teams in the game. Again we have two options for you to choose from. One way to get your Team league boost is to provide 5 accounts for our boosters and they will get you to the rank you desire in no time. The other option is that you will play with 4 of our boosters and climb the HotS Team league ladder with their help – exciting isn’t it?

HotS Team league boost

Heroes of the Storm Coaching -
Everyone wants to be better than the rest. There is a way to achieve that. HotS coaching provides you a way to increase significantly your skills. Our top rated coaches have extreme knowledge about the game. They know how to approach each match, they know the meta and they can teach you how to play like them. Currently the meta is extremely flexible and is changing every few weeks. Our boosters keep a close eye to all the changes in the game. A lot of players need just a little bit of help to find their playstyle. Buying HotS coaching session might just give you that little bit that you were lacking and make your game flawless.
MyBoosting.com also offers HotS Team coaching by some of the best team coaches in their regions. You and your friends can select your Team league coach. Finding the strengths and weaknesses of your team, explaining the best strategies against other teams, providing information about the top picks in the current meta is just a portion of what the service gives. You will learn some of the most important tips and strategies to compete against better teams than yours. You will discover efficient ways to cooperate and finish the games with a Victory.

Take a look at our Heroes of the Storm coaches here.

Heroes of the Storm professional coaches

The variety of options is there so that you can find what best suits your needs. The choice is all yours and the result is just a few clicks away. If you need any further information about the services that we provide feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you select the one best fitting. We have excellent live support.

If you are looking for cheap HotS boost, a few hours of coaching or some fun games with a pro player – we are at your disposal. Our service combines quality, speed and professional approach. The results are guaranteed for every service listed on the website. Do not hesitate and try us out. Client satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Even in the unlikely case where we don’t meet your criteria of quality we will compensate you appropriately. If there is any problem with your order just contact us and we will solve it in a timely manner.

What else can you find here?

Our clients can take advantage of our Heroes of the Storm Promo packs. We keep track of everything that is new and interesting in the game and we try to provide exclusive discounts for our customers when it comes to bigger orders. Our promotions are on for limited time and are changing periodically. If there is something new and hot arising we will be the first ones to offer it.

Another way to get discount besides the current promotions is to acquire a promo code. We are advertising in various sources. We select a few of these where we place a specific code that gives you a % discount on your upcoming order. These promo codes are for limited time and change periodically.

Want to get a promotion code? Here is one way. We are active on the social networks. As we are a newly formed HotS boosting site, we are trying to grow bigger and to introduce ourselves to a larger group of people. Each of our visitors has a chance to earn an exclusive discount simply by helping us in this task. We don’t want to make you do anything that you wouldn’t usually do so the way to spread the word for our arrival is totally up to you. Here are a few options how you can achieve that:

  • Share the articles that you like on your social network profile – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube.
  • Like/follow us on the social networks, posting a comment with some feedback is always appreciated.
  • Tell your real life friends about our service and if they are interested in purchasing from us, simply ask them to say that you referred our service.
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Our Heroes of the Storm news section is updated regularly. If you are searching for a specific information you will most probably find it in here. If we haven’t posted an article about what you are interested in – don’t worry, just leave us a message on the blog or via our contact details and we will dig up what you are looking for.

Regards, MyBoosting.com team.