Heroes of the storm - 10 heroes to start your ranked play

Heroes of the storm - 10 heroes to start your ranked play

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the storm - 10 heroes to start your ranked play

October 30 , 2015


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Myboosting.com has some good intel on which champions are good to begin with when you start playing your first ranked games. This is due to the Hots boosts that we have completed already. Each account has its own hero pool so we are quite flexible playing pretty much anything.

In order to play Heroes of the storm Ranked games you need to have at least 10 champions. Each player has it's own playstyle and therefor should play mostly the role that he/she is comfortable at. That is what our boosters aim to do also when doing each hots boosting order.

However there are a few champions that are pretty good to start with keeping in mind that you will need to have at least 1 for each role, so that you arent the one that is going to completely mess up your teamcomposition.

1. Muradin - if you want a low price tanky hero, this is the one that you want. Providing extreme amount of teamfight presence with his crowdcontrol he can be the desiding factor in each teamfight.

2. Sonya - the role that she has is close to what Muradin does. Each of these two picks is solid for your games and does not cost too much gold.

3. Valla - if you want a ranged damage dealer you cant go wrong with this champion. It is neighter too op, nor too week. She is a perfect pick when you lack damage and at the same time is quite mobile so she can escape dangerous situations.

4. Sylvanas - much like Valla Sylvana provides a lot of damage and mobility. Her skillset is different in many ways though and in our oppinion a little bit harder to master on a good level. She is a solid pick if you know what to do with her and how to play her. Not a champion to test for a first time in ranked game though.

5. Zerathul - Although he doesnt have much health he is quite flexible when it gets to avoiding sticky situations. He has one of the highest damage outputs in the game. Solid carry pick with a lot of potential to make solo plays.

6.Kael'thas - one of the mages that should be played in the ranked ladder. Strong in every way that a mage can be. He is squishy and can get in danger really fast when not positioned well. First rule with him is to keep your distance from the high burst and crowdcontrol opponents.

7. Jaina - really similar to Kael she is a solid pick with great utility and lots of burst damage. Solid pick when you need a bursty mage in the teamcomp.

8. Kharazim - really great support. Mobility, vision and healing can never be a bad choice. Solid pick for almost everytime of teamcomp that your team is forming.

9. Rehgar - massive heals, slows and mobility again for a dream combination for a support. His ultimate can make a seemingly lost teamfight into a easy win.

10. Zagara - this is the specialist that we chose for our list, although there are a lot of other options we think that zagara is altogether a great champion. Strong pushing power, provides great vision extremely useful ultimate - gamechanging factor if placed properly.

These chamipons do not represent the most OP picks, but more like a balanced champion pool that each player must have. Not all heroes are irreplaceble - quite the opposite. If you are a player that likes playing Johanna over Muradin - just go for it, If you like Nazeebo more than Zagara well that should be your pick.

Overall the heroes that you want to select for your ranked play are the ones that you feel most comfortable playing. Never experiment in ranked game with a chamipon that you have no clue how to play. There are many options around which you can rotate your hero pool, but always try to have an available option for each role. The meta changes quite fast so these picks might get outdated in the next week, but currently they provide what you need.

For more information of meta, announcements and game changes keep track of our Hots News section.


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