Heroes of the Storm 2.0 - Changes and impact.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 - Changes and impact.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 - Changes and impact.

April 26 , 2017


The new patch hit the Nexus a few hours ago with some massive changes that are certainly going to push the game into the right direction.

Some of the new features are purely cosmetic, others are targeting the in-game balance and experience overall.

We as a Heroes of the Storm boosting service have played the game since it's birth and we can finally say that things are looking bright. The overall game experience has gone from poor to excellent and with the new features it is even better!

Lets begin with some of the more impactful changes



The max Level 40 is now gone. Instead a new progression system takes it's place with infinite number of levels.

The account level is now going to be a sum of all the Hero levels + Your account level. A total of 1 200 000 XP is required to get from one level to the next one and when you do so each of you will be receiving Loot boxes that will contain cosmetics with different value and awesomeness factor! You can now even win Hero unlocks with your loot boxes XD

This is a change that will make most people play HotS quite more, because as we all know, having something to aim for is always a good thing. And what better then having a fully equipped, shiny heroes and mounts to dominate your games with.

We will offer Heroes of the Storm Leveling among our other services. New prices will be added to correspond the changes.


A 4 week long event where people can receive exclusive, limited time rewards just by playing a few games together with a friend! The event will be available till 22nd March and has some of the best cosmetics available in the game, including Oni Genji skin and much more.

With the new patch players can permanently unlock one of four Mage bundles containing even more rewards and heroes to play with.

You can take advantage of both in the next 4 weeks and if you need any assistance you can always count on us to help you out!

hots leveling


Overwatch is big, we all know that and obviously HotS is starting to add more and more features from this game. Everyone that has played Ow loves or hates the new champion that is now live in the Nexus - Genji. He is one of the highest skill cap heroes in Ow and can solo carry games if managed properly. We are yet to find out if the case will be the same when a pro Genji starts dashing through the Nexus.

Hanamura - again one of the Ow maps is a new addition too. It's quite a bit reworked but has the same feel when it comes to atmosphere and scenery. We haven't explored it's potential yet, but we'll keep you updated on that.

As with most patches a few Balance changes have been done to make the user experience better and the battles more even.

You can read the full information on Patch 2.0 HERE.

As you probably already know Myboosting.com is always here to help you in anyway possible when it comes to Heroes of the Storm. If you want to be better, increase your rank or simply play a few games with a pro HotS player just message us and we'll get things done!

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