Heroes of The Storm


December 07 , 2015


Kael'Thas has an amazing potential for single target AND area of effect damage. Additionally, you have some insane early game roaming potential with Gravity Lapse, as well as one of the best wave clears in the game. Kael a feared hero start at level one! Our HotS boost guide will give you important tips on when to pick, how to build, and play Kael'Thas.


KT is one of the highest damage dealers in the game, and our HotS boosters are always having a blast playing him. With his insane combos he can burst down front lanes on his own. He is also one of the few assassins that has CC in his basic kit, and when the late game hits, his arcane barrier is one of the most power defensive CDs that a squishy damage dealer can have. That said, Kael is one of the most vulnerable hero in the game. He has no mobility! A well placed stun by a flanking warrior can mean the death of KT.

Some of Kael's weakest matchups is against burst assassins, that can quickly close the gap like Butcher; Falstad and Zeratul, or sneak undetected. Nova, as silly as it sounds, is the bane of KT. Her full burst combo can easily take him down, even through arcane barrier. It is strongly advised that you play him as safe as possible against Nova, always looking your surroundings for that little blur, and hug your support, because if you die, even by trading with a Nova, your team will lose more damage than your opponent's .

Keal'Thas has an amazing time against warrior heavy setups, that need to brut force themselves through your team's front line. Chain bombs, combined with Phoenix will decimate any team in a choke point. The only thing, that you need to pay attention, when you face such a setup is to avoid the obvious CCs thrown at you.


Our Heroes of the Storm boosting team have came up with a solid build, that does huge amounts of AoE damage, combined with some good utility and safe peel.

Level 1: Mana Addict is a mandatory talent. Without this talent, in the later game, KT can go out of mana and can't apply the constant pressure that normally comes from him.

Level 4: With some of the latest changes Gathering power became one of the best snowball talents in the game. It was buffed from 15 stacks, each giving 1% bonus ability power, to 15 stacks, each giving 2%. And who wouldn't like 30% more ap. The downside of course is that the stacks disappear the moment KT dies, so don't die!

Level 7: This is the key to the entire build. With Fission bomb Kael's E starts to hurt really badly! We, at HotS boost, don't consider any other talent in this tier competitive. It is mandatory for all KT builds.

Level 10: No matter what majority say, Phoenix is the STRONGER heroic ability! The 40 seconds CD makes it invaluable. You can clear a minion camp with it, applying map pressure and still have it for the team fight at the objective. Even more to it, it applies insane damage, Phoenix is basically a good Starfall! Another upside - it is instant cast, unlike Pyroblast that needs ages of channelling (2 seconds), making you extremely vulnerable to take downs.

Level 13: Chain Bomb is really good now that fission bomb grants an additional 30% radius to the explosion. This makes it even easier to set up combos and blow up an entire team!

Level 16: Staying alive is the most important goal of playing Kael'Thas. Arcane barrier is one of the strongest defensive talents in the game, and only a fool can pass on it, especially since there is no more damage choices on that talent tree. Arcane barrier will provide the safety needed for KT to play more aggressively than usual.

Level 20: Bolt of the Storm is standard selection amongst most of the assassins and KT is no exception. He desperately needs mobility, more in the late game than in the early, to avoid that 60 seconds respawn timer and dish the needed damage for the Victory, which is all that matters when you are a HotS booster!