Heroes of the Storm changes in meta (HotS boosting website review)

Heroes of the Storm changes in meta (HotS boosting website review)

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm changes in meta (HotS boosting website review)

September 28 , 2015

1. What heroes lately had the biggest changes ongoing and does that affect Hots boosting?

Heroes of the storm boosting doesn't get a big hit by the latest changes.

First hero with biggest changes was Kael'thas. His build changed a lot from using Q as main damage spell now build is about W. He is now mid/late game hero and best ability damage mage in heroes of the storms. He is also one of best heroes to carry your hots boosting orders.

Rexxar after being launched thanks to all bugs and unbalance on him was unplayable. With latest bug fixes and patch he is now really decent bruiser. He can now be picked as offtank or offdamage dealer. He is now one of choices of our booster during heroes of the storm boost services.

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2. What are the best heroes right now ? What champions do our pros use for their HotS boosting orders?


Uther – great healer, two healing abilities, he can heal after dying, he got one stun ability and can prevent allies from dying.

Rehgar – more aggresive healer with one healing ability, mass AoE slow totem and shield that damage enemies around ally with it. Ultimate is Greast burst heal after short delay.

Malfurion – one HoT ability Aoe mass root and reveling enemies AoE ability. He can restore allies mana. His ultimate is mass HoT ability with long duration and still enabling him to be mobile.


Kael'Thas- Mage assasian with burst and nuke abilities dealing a lot of AoE damage and he also got stunning ability.

Valla- A carry type assasin. AoE and Single target spells, jump to avoid contact with enemy, biggest damage dealer right now. She is also very flexible about builds.

Illidan- Best single target damage dealer , very mobile his sustain is also very strong he can be very good pick when comes to late game.


Johanna- Sustain tank with a lot of crowdcontrol and self healing/shielding ability.

Arthas- Best bruiser tank he got a lot of damage and he also can stand much damage, very good off tank.

Leoric – Best tank around lot of sustain self-healing, damage, he got escape ability and can lower his death timer.


Nazeebo- best late game damage specialist, very good siege and poking abilities.

Abathur- he don't engage into battle directly he helps his enemies from all around map, he is also very good at pushing.

This heroes are also favorite of our booster to do your heroes of the storm boost service fast and safe!

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3.What are the best heroes on specific maps?

Dragon shire- abathur/uther/valla/Kaelthas/Johanna/Leoric

Infernal Shrines- Arthas/Leoric/Johanna/Valla/Jaina/Kaelthas/Uther/Malfurion/Tassadar/Nazeebo

Garden of Terror- Johanna/Valla/Kaelthas/Rehgar/Illidam/Abathur/Jaina

Haunted Mines- Tassadar/Johanna/Malfurion/Jaina/Kaelthas/Valla/Arthas/Kerrigan/Sonya

Sky temple- Tassadar/Johanna/Malfurion/Jaina/Kaelthas/Valla/Arthas/Kerrigan/Sonya/Uther/Rehgar/Muradin

Cursed Hollow – Abathur/Uther/Valla/Kaelthas/Johanna/Leoric/Illidan/Muradin/Sgt. Hammer/ Zagara

Blackhearth Bay- Illidan/Abathur/Uther/Rehgar/Leoric/Valla/Kaelthas/Jaina/Zagara/Nazeebo

Battlefields of Ethernity- Tassadar/Johanna/Malfurion/Jaina/Kaelthas/Valla/Arthas/Kerrigan/Sonya

Tomb of the Spider Queen-


Hope our article was useful for you.

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