Heroes of the Storm Competitive season 2 is here!

Heroes of the Storm Competitive season 2 is here!

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Competitive season 2 is here!

September 14 , 2016


Season 1 was a ride filled with action. It's time to gear up again and fight our way up to the top ranks. Myboosting will be here for you throughout the whole time if you ever need anything related to Heroes of the Storm.

Our HotS boost service has achieved many things in the past and is now prepared to face the new challenges of the game. The biggest impact that this season changes brings is the limitation of the Grand master tier to only 200 players. Making the ladder a bit harder to climb at the very top is a smart thing to do considering the fact that grinding was quite easy in the past.

Heroes of the storm season 2 will bring more or less the same things as the previous one. If you are a good player you'll be where you are supposed to be. Bronze/ Silver / Gold / Plat / Diamond players from all around the world will be trying to achieve the upper tier and eventually conquer the Grand Master spots! If you have any difficulty achieving that our Heroes of the Storm boosting squad is always here to land a helping hand.

There were a lot of DuoQueue boosts that we refused to start sadly in season one due to limitation of DuoQueue rank ranges. We are going to make sure that we are better prepared and going to stack more accounts in each Tier and region so that we can fulfill your wishes at any given time. We want to improve our service. Although we are the best at what we do we feel like we can be even better and season 2 will be where we will work hard to achieve that.

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As each new cycle we start our quest from the beginning. Getting a good start in your first 10 games is a very important thing that can save you numerous hours of playing after that. This is where our service comes in hand.

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We have one of the top players in Heroes of the Storm at your disposal. They can achieve unprecedented results for you and skyrocket your starting rank. The more you win in these first 10 games the higher up in the ladder you will get. Silver can turn into Gold in no time with Myboosting.com

Additionally we offer continuation of your boost to the place that you desire including the dream rank - HotS Grand Master boosting!

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