Heroes of the Storm division boost - Season 1

Heroes of the Storm division boost - Season 1

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm division boost - Season 1

May 29 , 2016


As we all know the official season is coming on 14th June and things will be quite different. The Rank system is changing into a Tier / Division system. Our service will function according to the new system once it is live

The new Heroes of the Storm division boosting option is going to be quite similar to the current rank one. With the difference that instead of ranks you will select Your current and desired Tier and Division and we will get you to the place you want For example after the first 10 placement games you are placed in Gold Tier - 3 Division and you want to climb to the next tier. Instead of purchasing 3 ranks you will purchase 3 divisions - Gold 3 - Platinum 5.

A new feature is the points that you will earn withing your current division. You will earn points when you win and lose points when you lose. It is quite likely that the amount of points you will earn for each game will differ according to your MMR (match making rating). This is a system that looks much like the one in League of Legends so many players are familiar with it.

Once you get from 0 points in your division to 100 points you will play a promotion match that will determine whether or not you will go into the upper Tier / Division.

Our Heroes of the Storm boosting service and its calculators will mirror the implemented new system.

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The answer is yes! We have some of the highest rank players in their regions so we are confident that we can handle any type of order.

The Master and Grandmaster Tiers are also a new feature that will come live on 14th June. These are the two top tiers that are reserved only for the best players. The Master boost will include a boost to Diamond 1 (the highest division) and a full climb of Diamond 1 until you teach Master. You can have that boost both as a normal (piloted by our pros) option and as a DuoQ Master boost.

The HotS Grandmaster boost will be a challenging thing, so the price of the service will most probably be high. The Grandmaster tier is reserved for the top 500 players in the region. It will require time and a lot of skill to get there so we will reserve the option to refuse performing a Grandmaster boost in the form of DuoQ. However for skilled clients we might consider giving that option, but it will not be available for the public.

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The answer is again yes! We work with two of the prime teams in EU and NA so this feature will also be available for the public. The same rules for Heroes of the Storm Team league Master and Grandmaster apply here regarding the option to play yourself in a team with our pro players.

Myboosting.com will also offer Team League placement games and Hero League placement games boost. Consider that option in the early stages of the season since these first 10 matches will have a dramatic impact on your standing in the new ranking system of HotS. The better you perform the higher you will get placed and the grind towards the top will be significantly easier.

Read the full article about the Heroes of the Storm Season 1 placement games boost importance!

We are reworking all the calculators on our site and everything will be up and available once the new season arrives. Also consider the pre-order promotion packs that we will put in the next couple of days and get a significant discount!

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