Heroes of the Storm end of Season 1 approaching! Limited time to get your rewards.

Heroes of the Storm end of Season 1 approaching! Limited time to get your rewards.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm end of Season 1 approaching! Limited time to get your rewards.

August 10 , 2016


Latest announcement from Blizzard > Season end date is the week of 13th September. Delayed with 3 weeks. More time to get the seasonal rewards! read below for info.

As previously announced Blizzard is giving away rewards for your performance in the official competitive season of HotS. There are about two weeks in which you can get higher ranking and get the good stuff that comes with the peak spots in the ladder (Master is the best one). We gave a preview of our end of season reward boosting and the time is pretty limited now.

The closer we get to the week of 23rd August (when season 1 ends) the less time we have to grind up the ladder. The average we do is 2 divisions per day, if we really try hard up to 3 divisions, so at the last 2-3 days you will be able to get a Tier up which in many cases will not be enough to get the Epic elemental lizard mount that everybody wants. So the best time to purchase is now. We have available HotS boosters and we are prepared to grind pretty much the ladder from the bottom to it's top for the amount of time left. With each day passing our capability to max your accounts rank get's lower due to the period of time available being lower.

We are a Heroes of the Storm boosting company that gives quality and we wouldn't risk taking something that we are not prepared to complete in time, so the last few days some of the larger newcomming orders will be either fully or partially refunded depending on the wishes of our clients (if they want us to execute a part of the boost and get him to wherever possible for the available time, or not start it at all). We know that most players are mostly keen on receiving these shiny skins, mounts and portraits so we will leave their options open in any situation.

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There are many benefits out of being higher ranked in Heroes of the Storm.

First of all you will have the chance to play with much better players and learn a lot more from your games. Experiencing a match on a pro/ semi-pro level has a lot more to offer in terms of knowledge, mechanics and strategy that a good player can soak. Improving your HotS skills is just a small part of what you can get out of our service.

Getting a higher seed in season 1 also allows you to get placed much higher after your season 2 placement games are done. We've heard from Blizzard previously that placement games will matter a lot more than previous ranking. They proved that statement to be quite untrue. Our experience from season 1 firmly shows that previous season MMR is the most important factor that determines your ranking after placements. We had a 32 Rank account in preseason, did 10-0 in the placements and it got placed in Bronze 4 while at the same time streamers that came out with 1 - 9 got placed in Diamond 3. I will not comment the retarded things that the developers of the game are doing since everyone can see that the game is slowly dying. Improvements of the game are extremely necessary, but until or if they come we have to work with what is given.

The grind towards the top steps of the ranking will be significantly easier if you choose to act now, or in the next few days.

As you all know we can provide Solo/piloted HotS boosting and the ever popular DuoQ hots boost option! You can choose whatever fits you best.

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