The Heroes of the storm gaming experience

The Heroes of the storm gaming experience

Heroes of The Storm

The Heroes of the storm gaming experience

October 02 , 2015

The hots gaming experience

If you are a new player in Heroes of the Storm you are probably thinking one of the two things:
- This game is awesome i will play it a lot
- I am not sure about some things in the game and i'll think about other options.

The first type are convinced that the game is good so we wont be annoying and say anything unnecessary to them. The second group though might need to try out a few more hours/days of the game and then decide wether it is worthy of your time. It is a dynamic, highly team oriented and skill based game. All of these qualities in addition to the fact that it is constantly changing (new maps, new heroes etc.) is a reason to love the game. It will interest you more and more with time - trust me. But we know that not all loves are from first sight.

The first time i played Heroes of the storm

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I really can't say i was convinced that this game was better than others that i was playing at the time. I was about to quit it, but started forming some small group of friends and played together in random troll games just to have a bit of fun. Within a few hours the game really grew big on me. I started liking more and more things about it - map awearness, tactics, variaty of champs and maps and extreme amounts of fighting.

The game is much more intense than others

It really is. The matches end in 15-30 minutes and the amount of fighting that happens in that period of time cant really be compared with any other MOBA game. The action starts from Level 1 and gets bigger and tougher all the time. Eventually you eigher win or lose but that goes for all games LOL :)

How did i get involved with Heroes of the Storm boosting

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Hots boosting just came naturally. Once i started getting involved with the game on a bit more serious level i began to find out new and new things that benefit to the Victory.

All players that find a bit of talent and a bit more dedication to the game can reach the peak spots at the moment. The game is getting harder and the opponents start being smarter each day though, so in close future grinding the ladder will not be that easy. Hots boosting is always handy when times like these come, so feel free to contact us if you feel stuck at one place or you just want to play a few fun games with dominant player in your team (Hots duoqueue boost).

I am quite sure that even the people that did not like the game from first sight will learn to love it in a short amount of time.

For the ones that need a bit of help in-game - we would be happy to assist you in getting better, faster and 10x stronger within a short amount of time.

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Reguards, Myboosting team