Heroes of the Storm - Get to the rank you desire.

Heroes of the Storm - Get to the rank you desire.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm - Get to the rank you desire.

June 30 , 2017


Myboosting has been around since the beta launch of HotS. We've done quite a few jobs since then and we do have a specific inside view of the ladder.

As you know a few months back there were a few significant changes to the Hero and Team league game modes. Hero League is now just for the solo grinders while a queue of 2 or more people is under the Team league ladder.

Heroes of the Storm division boost works the same way in both modes. You can rank up from Bronze 5 to Grandmaster, according to how good you are performing and what is your win ratio.

The game has evolved a lot the last couple of seasons. You can see multiple new heroes to play, better synergy between the roles and players, new maps and modes to entertain and keep the interest of the general public. Additionally the competitive aspect of the game has grown with quite a few tournaments with significant prize pools. Teams are battling for the top spots in their regions relentlessly and the casual players can learn a lot just by watching these pro players do what they are best at.

Everyone that plays the ranked modes aims to achieve better, higher rank. We have been specializing in serving the needs of such players. We can get you to any tier and division in the matter of days. No matter if you are a Solo player that wants a Hero league boost, or prefer to party with others and grind the Team league ladder, we can give you exactly what you are looking for. Any requirements (within reason) that you might have will be executed in a professional and timely manner. We also provide Heroes of the Storm coaching sessions that are meant to help you improve your in-game skills. We can analyze what you are doing wrong and explain how to avoid any mistake you are making.

Hero league boost


We have 2 ongoing offers that are not to be missed.

First one is a Guaranteed boost to master from any tier and division. Why master? - the greatest end of season rewards come when you achieve that rank. It is not easy to grind that high into the ladder but our players can do it in a matter of days. The average time per division we need is around 4-5 hours so you can easily calculate how much time the the boost will take, considering your starting division.

The boost to master is a promo pack that has a discount included that varies between 30 - 15% depending on your current rank.

Second promotion we have is a coaching promotion with a player from the highest caliber. He can play any role on a very high level, but if you are looking to improve as a tank / off tank main this guy can give you insight and tips that will blow your mind and significantly buff your performance.

This promotion is with a 20% discount included and is meant to help you guys become better in Heroes of the Storm.

Here are some tips for the ones that want to do the ladder grinding on their own:
If you are a HotS player that wants to rank up on his own our best advice is to focus on your main roles and champions, never tilt or rage over a bad team mate or an unwanted loss. Always work as a team and if you have the game knowledge try to guide your allies what to do, when to do it and how to execute. Team leaders are the most important players in each game, sadly usually there is noone willing to take on that heavy job.

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