Heroes of the Storm Matchmaking improvements - the first step towards highly competitive scene

Heroes of the Storm Matchmaking improvements - the first step towards highly competitive scene

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Matchmaking improvements - the first step towards highly competitive scene

December 17 , 2015


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Our Hots boosting team has talked on this topic on a number of occasions. The matchmaking system for Heroes of the storm was simply not doing what it was meant to do. The highest effect was felt at the peak spots of the ladder, where High MMR players were matched with average and even below skilled players in their games. The competition was either really one-sided or was not a the expected level. That naturally started forcing the top tear Hots players to look for other competitive aspects of the game (and even for new games to play). The impact that the original Starcraft 2 system brought was unpleasant for both players and developers. Lets say it straight. If there is no real competition in a game completely dependent on how good you are, well the game is doomed. We of all people dont want to see Hots fade away. The game is promising and quite fun. The matchmaking had to be changed and for our relief the first steps towards better system is live on the platform since yesterday.

Blizzard announced that they are monitoring how the system will perform and expect your feedback if any unbalanced matches occur for you. The full information about the changes can be found HERE. We are not going to get into details what changed and how it changed, but we need to point out the main targets of the new system in short.


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Quality in this case will mean that they will be better balanced. If you are a high skilled player you deserve to play with others like you, and that is really the singe Main focus of the new system. Get you better opponents, make the matches feel more balanced, force you to play better and better yourself. No more random rank 40 players vs rank 1 players (or at least we hope so). Getting feedback to the recently implemented matchmaking to Blizzard will play a significant role in making the game better - so please if you have the feedback, give it to the developers.


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Since the balance is the main focus, the queue timers might be increased for some players. That will not affect a significant portion of the Hots players out there, but is in general good to know that you might hit a few longer queues now. Our heroes of the storm boosting service always says that quality is above all and that counts in full in this case.


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The matchmaking will now determine more factors to make things work properly. There is less chance that someone that has played the game for many hours will get in a game with someone that has lets say 20 - 40 hours of gaming time. That is awesome and we approve 100%. You can not expect a newby to know how to battle when placed against pros. You might be the best mechanicly skilled guy out there, but if you dont have the know how you just wont be able to compete.

For full details of all the changes visit the link given above.

Our Heroes of the storm boost team wants to express its approval towards the changes. This was in our point of view the Achilles heel of the game and if its set to work properly we are expecting nothing but great things in the future. Keep it up!

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