Heroes of the storm NA / EU boosters squad

Heroes of the storm NA / EU boosters squad

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the storm NA / EU boosters squad

October 10 , 2015

We can do Heroes of the Storm boosts in NA and EU regions

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Our heroes of the storm boosters are located in Europe and North America (one in Brazil also). We have variety of options when it comes to who can do a single job. That is why we are so fast when an order is placed. We usually start it instantly, in the worst case it takes like an hour or two. The boosters are dedicated and tested, so there is no need to worry about your account. Heroes of the storm boosts in NA and EU region are guaranteed to be safe, fast and professional. We try to create an environment both suitable for our clients and for our boosters. We take special care of the ones that place orders regularly with us.

Quality on each Hots boosting order Guaranteed!

Yes we guarantee that everything will go according to plan. You choose what you want and we provide it - exactly as you want it. If there is ever a disappointed customer due to our performance we will compensate appropriately. We choose our hots boosters and coaches wisely so we doubt that there will be a lot of these events, but still you guys need to know that we will keep our word.

We are the best Heroes of the storm boosting site on the market

At this very moment, we have done our fair share of investigation when it comes to our competition and we put our reputation behind these words. If there is anyone that provides better quality for hots boosting we will apologize officially.

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Reguards, Myboosting.com team