Heroes of the Storm Official end of Season 2 date. Seasonal rewards.

Heroes of the Storm Official end of Season 2 date. Seasonal rewards.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Official end of Season 2 date. Seasonal rewards.

November 14 , 2016


Here are some of the most important things you need to know regarding the season 2 end and season 3 start.

-Season 2 end date is set in the week of December 12, most likely on December 14th(Tuesday).

-Season 3 roll is expected one or two weeks after the S2 ending.

-After S2 is over you will receive a portrait matching your highest achieved Division during the season.

Portraits for Hero League highest achievement:

hero league rewards - season 2

Portraits for Team league Highest achievement:

portrait team league - season 2

Everyone who made his way to Platinum 5 division (or higher) will receive an exclusive ingame Elemental Lion Mount.

Everyone who has reached Master division, will receive both Elemental Lion Mount as well as its epic version Epic elemental Lion Mount.

Epic elemental lion mount

Here is a full list of all end of Season 2 rewards:

rewards list

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Besides the Ingame goods you will get, benefits due to finishing at a higher Hero or Team league division in Season 2 don't end there. First of all you will have better MMR for the start of Season 3, which will directly affect your placement matches rank at the start of Season 3. The better you perform in Season 2 the higher you will be placed in the following season. This is the so called Soft reset of MMR system that HotS uses.

Myboosting.com team advises you to not wait for the last few days of the Season for your Heroes of the Storm boost. The reasons are the following:

- Everyone is trying to push at the season’s end which might result in server crashes or random disconnects (this happened at the end of season 1).

- People start tryharding much more when the deadline is near.

- If you are willing to get from tier Bronze to Platinum tier, have in mind that we are not able to do more than 4 divisions per day. In this case we will need at least 4 days to get you from Bronze to Platinum, and this is for the solo boost option. For duoqueue it might take even more time.

-If you are willing to get into Grandmaster - Season 2 reduced the amount of players in this prestigious league to 200 people instead of 500 which makes it much harder to achieve. This directly results in the time needed to complete such orders.

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