Heroes of the Storm official Season start at 14th June. New Ranked system introduced.

Heroes of the Storm official Season start at 14th June. New Ranked system introduced.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm official Season start at 14th June. New Ranked system introduced.

May 07 , 2016


The Heroes of the Storm season 1 is finally announced. The date is 14TH JUNE 2016. SOURCE

There are some big changes to the game coming with the new season. Basically the whole system is getting remade introducing leagues and divisions instead of ranks. The new ranking system almost mirrors the one used in League of Legends. For the ones that are not familiar with it we will give a brief introduction.

5 Leagues:
Bronze - lowest

Each of these has 5 subdivisions representing the current standing in each league.

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2 Top Divisions

Grandmaster - top 500 ranked players

There are no subdivisions in these two. Instead there is a number representing the exact place you are at this divisions. The Grandmaster is limited to the top 500 players in their region and is the highest division you can get. Only a limited few pro players will be able to climb that high. Myboosting.com has a number of players that can do so, therefore we will release our Heroes of the Storm Master and Grandmaster boosting service once they are live.

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To climb from 1 sub division to another you will have to make a few extra wins. Your standing will be represented with Points and once you hit 100 points you will have a promotion series in which if you perform well and win the series you will get placed in the upper division. Same goes for Leagues.

An important part of this system is the Placement games (HotS Placement games boosting section). There will be 20 initial games, each time you start playing ranked or a new season starts. These 20 games are extremely important. Their role is to initially determine how good you are at the game and place you in the League and Division that mirrors your performance. These initial games can skyrocket your ranking or can put you in the lowest bracket and make the grind up a real pain. So be sure you are in good form when you start playing these games or just contact us and we will give you the start you need!


There are a number of things that are changing in the game. The good news for all of us is that we know when the season start is going to be. Another thing that the game developers deserves to be praised for and that is the End of season rewards (Read full info) that players will receive for their dedication in the preseason.

Our Heroes of the Storm boosting squad is ready to start the new season with a bang. Hope you guys are feeling as excited as we are!
Stay tuned for more HotS news and information!

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