Heroes of the Storm - The path towards the top ranks

Heroes of the Storm - The path towards the top ranks

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm - The path towards the top ranks

March 11 , 2016


Our HotS boosting company has experienced many times the different approaches to get to the top seeds of the ranked ladder. We currently have some of the highest ranked players in their regions icluding a top10 rank player and therefor we've decided to make a brief summery how to increase your winrate and climb the ladder.

Without a doubt the first step towards being able to get where you want to (rankwise) is to put in a lot of time and effort. Number one rule is to know the game in details - champions, maps, tricks, timing and more. This is much easier said then done since Heroes of the Storm is quite a complexed game and with that you are also dependent on another 4 allies in your games. However this is an obstacle that can be surmount. Although some games might be unwinnable even for the most talented of players your main goal is to keep a winratio of 60-65%+. If you go below that your climb is in danger and might take much longer than necessary.

Different players find different ways to conquer the top spots but they all have one thing in common - game knowledge. You will never see a top seeded player not knowing HotS in-depth.

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From there on the paths you can take to get to the top are different:

1. Focus on playing a certain hero/heroes that you know best and stick to them everytime your team composition allows it - Knowing the precise limits of your hero is something that is iireplacable. Focusing on playing a champion is going to give you edge over your opponents mainly due to your experience with it. Knowing how to move, position, how much damage you can do and take in every situation is a key component towards success and is easier to master with a specific hero, than with a large amount of champions. This doesnt count for some players that can learn a hero really fast.

Executing you plan with someone that you are experienced with is much easier than with someone that you are starting to learn, or know at a medium level. The best players and in the competitive events where the top teams compete you rarely see a big difference between that champions that a pro player picks - the usual amount of heroes that a pro player focuses on playing is 3-4. That fact is exacty due to the need to know your limits/ strenths and weaknesses.

2. Gather a know-how to dominate the map and guiding your team - this is a path a real leader should take. If you are not that mechanicly skilled you can still manage to get to rank 1 and even the top spots in the HotS ranked ladder. If you are well prepared in theory how to take advantages in the game or to get back when behind you will have a good ground to increase your HotS rank. Our boosters know that not every match can be solo carried so very often they take the leadership in the game and start guiding their teams. If your shotcalling ingame is really good you want to tell your teammates what and when to do. Getting a pre-made plan that you will follow and execute in many cases wins games. The biggest benefit of that is that when an opportunity presents itself you and your team will instantly know what to do next and there will be no cross-purposing such as 2 players go for the boss, 2 go for pushing and the last one goes to soak lane xp. No this is terrably wrong in most cases. After the game goes 12-15 mins ingame the usual thing that your team needs to do is to act as a unit and progress in the game with a clear view of what should/ shouldn't happen.

3. Abusing the OP meta champions - although it doesn't sound very professional this is a way that you can get really high winrate. Almost always there is 1-2-3 champions that stand above the rest in terms of potential to win a game. Very often these champions get a nerfs with the upcoming patches, but then a new set of such heroes appear. Li Ming for example was almost unstoppable in the hands of a proper player. Xul also. Kael'thats, Raynor etc. These champions were unmatched when it came to carry potential in certain periods of the game. If you stick to playing those currently OP heroes and you manage to master them on a decent level you will surely increase your HotS winrate by a lot.

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There is one more much easier way to get to the top spots of the ladder and this is using our services. Although it sounds like advertising (which it kinda is) our Heroes of the Storm service has proven to be an extremely efficient way to get to the desired place in the ranking system. No matter if you will be purchasing a Heroes of the Storm coaching session with our pro players or a normal HotS rank boosting, or any other type of service that we provide - you will almost instantly get results.

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