Heroes of the Storm Season 1 is Live! Get the best HotS boost and start ahead of the competition!

Heroes of the Storm Season 1 is Live! Get the best HotS boost and start ahead of the competition!

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Season 1 is Live! Get the best HotS boost and start ahead of the competition!

June 14 , 2016


Heroes of the Storm official ranked season 1 is going to be live in 2 hours from now! The maintenance has already begun for the American server and is expected a little bit later for the European.

We are almost there guys! (Hype)

Myboosting.com has done a full remake of it's Heroes of the Storm boosting section so that it mirror the new ranking system that is arriving in a few hours from now. We are offering a variety of services that no other organization provides at the current moment and probably in the future. The quality and speed that we work at are unmatched.

We are extremely excited for the upcoming changes.

The Master and Grandmaster tiers will be released and the real action is about to begin. All the HotS fans will be able to compete for the top spots in their regions. We know it is not going to be an easy battle so if you find yourself stuck between the divisions our HotS division boosting service will be here to help you out. We give guidance and knowledge necessary for most players to play in the higher leagues of the ladder.

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With the new system a few changes had to be made with our services. The basics of each is the same, but we have worked on the details so that they are better fitting for each customer.

Starting from our:

HEROES OF THE STORM DIVISION BOOSTING - option similar to the rank boost that we were performing in the preseason. It is fast, safe and the end result is always guaranteed. We will be performing HotS Master and Grand Master boosts!

HOTS DUO QUEUE GAMES & DUO QUEUE DIVISION BOOST - playing with the best players is not only rewarding and fun, it is also educational and can vastly increase your chances to perform on a high level for the future.

PLACEMENT GAMES BOOSTING - was there ever a better time to use this service? We dont think so! Get an amazing start of the first official season and skyrocket your rank. 70%+ winrate guaranteed! It's around 90% usually though.

HOTS WIN BOOSTING - this services remains relatively the same. Difference is you have to select from your current tier and division now, instead of the previous rank. This service offers net wins (each loss counts as -1 of the total amount) End result always guaranteed!

TEAM LEAGUE BOOSTING - we have made some significant changes here. We think that the new options that we offer are much more affordable for the general public. You can receive up to 66% discount on the prices that we used to offer this service for. Click on the link and see what we are talking about! You will be pleased.

Also don't forget to check our current promotion packs section. It is filled with goodies for the new season. There is something special for each of you there!

Alright guys! We wish you all the best in the new season 1 of Heroes of the Storm. We believe that the game will get much better with the upcoming changes. The hype is real and Myboosting.com will be a guide through the ladder if you need one!

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