Heroes of the Storm Season 2 (2018). Seasonal rewards, End date, Placement games changes.

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 (2018). Seasonal rewards, End date, Placement games changes.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 (2018). Seasonal rewards, End date, Placement games changes.

March 09 , 2018


We are in the new circle and our Heroes of the Storm boosting squad wants to update you on the few changes that will impact this season as well as all the rewards that will follow.

The season began at 6th March 2018. The most significant change regarding the Ranked system concerns mostly the Placement games matches.

With the new patch players that compete in the Ranked mode and complete their placement matches will have a limit cap of Division increase and drop.

This cap is currently set to 1 full tier. For example a Gold 2 player can only get as high as Platinum 2 (if he performs well) and as low as Silver 2 (if he performs poorly). This limitation is mostly influenced by the fan feedback, and the "fail" from the previous seasons that we saw. It's a nice change since last season there were Master players that got into Silver / Gold tier without any reason for that. Eventually as we all know there was a double ranking reset which was to say the least unpleasant.

With the new updates that should not happen and hopefully the games will also feel more balanced, with least pressure on your shoulders. We all know that placement matches can be quite a gamble when it comes to who your teammates will be and how willing they are to cooperate. A thing that also should impact the behavior of all HotS competitors is the recently implemented in-game Voice communication system which makes the coordination between the teams much more efficient. Team fights, strategy and shot calling is now much easier than it used to be when we could only communicate through the chat system.


This seasonal circle will last for approximately 3 months and 1 week. The end date is officially announced to be during the week of 12 June 2018th. There is enough time for each of us to experience the ranked games beauty of the game. It is worth mentioning here that Heroes of the Storm has been significantly improved throughout the last year or so. We are seeing more and more participants, maps, heroes and other new features that attract new players to test the game, as well as old ones to return into the Nexus.

The seasonal rewards are also revealed. Players will be compete for the following Seasonal rewards depending on their achieved Competitive play tier:





We anticipate an even better season. As mentioned the game has been significantly improved and we wish all of you good moments and some luck in the Season 2. If you ever need any help in the game our HotS boosters are always at your disposal.


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