Heroes of the Storm Season 2 changes. Season 2 rewards. Impact on HotS boosting.

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 changes. Season 2 rewards. Impact on HotS boosting.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 changes. Season 2 rewards. Impact on HotS boosting.

September 10 , 2016


Season 2 starts (and Season 1 ends) during the week of 12th September 2016. Straight after the new patch comes out we will be starting the new grind in HotS. We want to voice our opinion that the game is going downhill and some major changes need to come in force if the developers want to keep the game active.


The changes that are going to be performed are minor and mostly targeting the top of the leaderboards.

The biggest impact according to our Heroes of the Storm boost team is the Grand Master limitation. Instead of 500 players, GM will now be filled with only 200 of the best players in their regions. This is a change that could be foreseen. Even with the season 1 changes the top end of the game felt a bit too stretched and the competition in GM was a bit underwhelming to say the least. At the start of the season it was so easy to get to GM that it was just ... no comment. The ladder grinding is fast and easy which leaves out the competitive aspect in the background. People continue to have many different complaints regarding the game. Hope that the limitation to 200 people at the top will at least make players try harder to achieve their dream rank.

The second minor change is the gain/lose of points after promotion and demotion matches. The price of 250 points you get for achieving your upper division made the game easier again. And a MOBA game is not about being easy it's about skill. If you can't gain the 250 points on your own then you don't deserve to be in this division. The developers are lowering this price according to your normal gain per win/loss after you finish your promotion/demotion match. This is a good thing to do since we do not want people to be able to grind so fast.


Each player needs something to keep him motivated to perform better. For season 2 the developers are putting a new set of their well known rewards.

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It's common in all online games that you will earn more when you get higher in the ladder. Well HotS is no different for season 2. The different rewards come with different achievements.

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