Heroes of the Storm Season 2 extended! MMR, matchmaking and placement games improvements

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 extended! MMR, matchmaking and placement games improvements

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 extended! MMR, matchmaking and placement games improvements

June 19 , 2018


In one of their latest blueposts Blizzard announced that Season 2 will be extended with 1 months (ends week of 11th June). Season 3 as usual will be active straight after the patch and players will be able to grind the ladder again, starting with their placement games.

The reason behind this Seasonal delay can be found Here.

As you can see a massive amount of changes will be coming with S3 based on the community feedback. Lets take a look at some of the most important factors that will influence us as a Heroes of the Storm boosting service.



Known from other games, HotS players will now be forced to maintain their current rank and MMR by playing more often. The ranking decay concerns only the top tiers of the official competitive ladder - Diamond, Master and Grandmaster.

If you want to stay at the peak spots of the leaderboards you better play a few games every now and then. This change will make the upper layers of the ladder more frequently played. Up until this moment most players would just chill after hitting their desired spot and wait for the end of season to harvest their rewards. No more! :)



If you took a break from the game you will no longer benefit from your previous season standings. Placement games will be reworked and a Grandmaster player from the past seasons that took a big break from the game may experience a huge drop in divisions when he returns to the game. In general that is fair - the player might have decreased his skill level during his absence. If he has not - he can prove the developers wrong and grind the leaderboards again.

Newcomers to the Competitive aspect of the game will now be limited to getting placed at Gold 5 maximum. Ofcourse good performance will most likely get your MMR high and will help you grind the ladder easier in the upcoming tiers and divisions. One thing is certain. The grind will be long and filled with obstacles that each player will have to conquer in order to find himself among the top players in his region.



This is a very painful topic ever since the game released a couple of years ago. Players have been experiencing unfair matches with allies and enemies way outside of their skill level, making the games almost impossible to win/lose.

Blizzard has been favoring shorter queue times over quality matches and that's what they will mainly target with the upcoming Season 3. In order to find a match with evenly skilled players Heroes of the Storm competitive gamers might experience longer queue times for a fair match. This will be mostly noticeable at the higher divisions as fewer players battle for these spots.

The game developers apologized for the seasonal delay, but state that the wait shall be worth it. To compensate the extension of Season 2 - Season 3 will also be 1 month longer than the usual circle.

Lets hope that all the new implementations will harvest success and will make the game even more exciting to play.


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