Heroes of the Storm Season 3 is coming to an end, Season 4 start.

Heroes of the Storm Season 3 is coming to an end, Season 4 start.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Season 3 is coming to an end, Season 4 start.

March 05 , 2017


Heroes of the storm competitive season 3 is coming to an end during the week of March 13th , most probably during the maintenance at March 14th. Right after competitive season 3 is over, the new one will begin servers.

Based on the highest rank you achieved during season 3, you will get an exclusive end of season rewards(best of them will be for achieving Master and Grandmaster tier). If you still haven't achieved your desired goal you have limited time to do so and our Heroes of the Storm boosting squad is here to assist you with that.

Here is a full list of the end of season 3 rewards for both hero and team league:


During the last week of the season Myboosting.com has a special discount for all Heroes of the Storm fans that want to climb. The promo code you can use, will grant you one time 10% discount - HOTSS3.

We are a Heroes of the Storm boosting company that values quality above anything and we are quite sure we can get you to your desired rank till the Season is over. We know that most players are keen on receiving these shiny skins, mounts and portraits so we will leave their options open and give them an easier way to receive them.


First of all, your MMR for the start of competitive season 4 will be higher which means that the chance of getting placed much higher is greater. The better rank in S3 the better rank in S4 :).

Another difference that you will find out once you get higher is that your games will be much smoother, you will play with better players and the gaming experience will become much more dynamic and interesting.


At this time Blizzard have not been announced its season 4 changes. We think this will happen a day or two before the new season hits the live servers. Once this happen we will instantly announce it to our customers so that they can keep track of whats coming.

The new competitive season will start right after the season 3 ends, and will last between 10 - 12 weeks(the normal length of a competitive Hots season).

There will be new end of season rewards - most likely followed by a new portrait and two new versions of mounts.

Myboosting.com can give you professional HOTS boosting both in Hero League(solo), and either piloted or duo queue boost in Team league.

In case you need any kind of assistance feel free to talk with us and our 24/7 live support. We will gladly help you make the right choice.

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