Heroes of the Storm season 3 Hero league and Team league boosting (changes)

Heroes of the Storm season 3 Hero league and Team league boosting (changes)

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm season 3 Hero league and Team league boosting (changes)

December 17 , 2016


As a professional Heroes of the Storm boosting site Myboosting.com would like to point out some of the major changes Blizzard has made to competitive season 3.

First of all, Blizzard has decided to completely separate solo play from party play. They clearly stated that this is a trial change, and they are monitoring the results, so it might only persist during this season. The most important reason for those changes was the waiting time for Team league, and the overall low popularity of this ladder. The new changes impact the game in general and Heroes of the Storm boosting also. Here are some of the more important aspects of the new features.

First of all, if you queue with a friend and you are well coordinated, you could easy dominate the games against team of non premades which made the gameplay of hero league not so pleasant. On the other hand 2man party wouldn’t listen to the rest of the team members and could easily ruin the game by doing whatever they think is right or wrong. So the changes are meant to balance partially these aspects of HotS .We have taken into consideration all of the changes and our Hero league and Team league boosting sections are live to fit any type of demand you might have. We boost to the highest levels in HotS in both HL and TL.

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Hero league is now a completely separate competitive scene, where you can only queue alone(during season 2 you could have queued with one mate). This way the games would be much more likely to rely on personal player skills and his ability to cooperate with his entire team. The general expectation for this change is to make the queue times much lower and make the games much more fun for players, matching them with others around their skill level.

Team league on the other hand is now a different competitive ladder, where you can queue in groups of 2, 3 or 5 players. The point of it is simple. If you go 2man premade, you will have 3man premade matched with you in your team and you will either play against another 2+3 teammates composition, or vs 5man composition. This way, the queue times should be slightly reduced, which was a major issue during previous competitive season. For example, from our past experience boosting HOTS Team League, sometimes the waiting queues were longer than 30 minutes per game, which totally ruins the fun of playing it. Now it’s different. The average waiting times for finding a game are much lower making the team league ladder much more viable for players.

However, for the team league queue, there are some restrictions (similar as old hero league).

If you queue in 2 or 3man party, you must be within a competitive tier difference. For example, if you are playing in Gold, you can only queue with silver and platinum and if you are playing in platinum you can only queue with players in gold and diamond. However if you are 5man party it doesn’t matter in what skill tier you are in. Bronze can queue with grandmasters once they are a 5man stack. If you are playing as 5man stack, you will be most likely matched against another 5man stack, with similar or closer to yours team average skill. This will also make the team league much more balanced and competitive friendly.

Here is a complete list of heroes of the storm competitive season 3 rewards:


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