Heroes of the Storm Season 5 ended. Season 6 is here.

Heroes of the Storm Season 5 ended. Season 6 is here.

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Season 5 ended. Season 6 is here.

September 08 , 2017


Heroes of the Storm competitive Season 5 started week of June 13 and ended on September 5. Congratulations to the ones that achieved their dream ranks.

Based on the highest rank you achieved during season 5, you have received a corresponding seasonal rewards (the most impressive ones are for achieving MASTER and GRANDMASTER tier).

The new Season 6 placement games will determine your standing based on your end season 5 rank and your performance in the first 10 games. For extreme high winrates in your HotS placements you can try our boosting service. We guarantee professional service and results. What is even better in the new season is that you can get placed as high as Master league 1000 points which is full 3 divisions more than in any previous season. It is even more important now to perform on high level. The impact of these games can save you days of hard grinding through the mid divisions. The season will last 10-12 weeks so you will still have the chance to purchase our HotS division boosting if you did not achieve good results in your provisionals. We boost from Bronze to highest spots in Grandmaster both in Hero league and Team league.

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If you are aiming high in this season be sure to regularly check our services. This season will also provide rewards a new portrait and two new versions of mounts.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 live support (bottom right of your screen).

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