Heroes of the Storm season one boost preorder available. Grand Master boost only at Myboosting.com!

Heroes of the Storm season one boost preorder available. Grand Master boost only at Myboosting.com!

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm season one boost preorder available. Grand Master boost only at Myboosting.com!

May 31 , 2016


With the first official HotS season knocking at the door our boosting squad is ready to deliver the best service there is. We are the first on to announce our prices for some of the main new features of the new ranking system.

Check out our PROMO PACK section to see the full list of services available for preorder. We put a significant discount so you can purchase these few options for a good price. Keep in mind that the whole rank system is remade and the grind towards the top spots will be much harder. Another thing that is certainly coming with the new season is a massive wave competitive players - some new and some old. The game took a big hit in terms of popularity mainly because of the ranking system shortcomings and the huge delay of the season 1 start. We are expecting that a large group of the players that left the game in search for a more competitive scene will come back. The game is definitely progressing in a good direction now and we think that the community will only grow bigger and better.

The new division system is a lot more challenging than the one active at the moment. Our Heroes of the Storm boost squad is ready and prepared to overcome even the hardest obstacles. Our current promotion packs are well fit for the different needs of each customer.

Take a look at our exclusive cheaper offers! You are at the right place if you are looking for one of these:

- HotS season 1 Placement games boost (solo or duo queue) - get your super start of your season. We provide only the best in the game so we guarantee extremely high winrate!

- HotS season 1 Team League placement games - if you or your friends (team) desire to compete at the top level there is no easier and faster way of doing that. With the pack you will receive also the full collection of games played as a replay.

- HotS season 1 Unranked to Diamond 5 (solo or duo queue) - the diamond tier is reserved for players with high skill. The competition there is hard and sometimes overwhelming. We can give you a taste of it starting from 0 placement games to Diamond 5 in less then a few days! You will be one of the first arrivals at this tier.

- HotS season 1 Unranked to Master boost - after the Diamond 1 division comes the two biggest tasks in the new system. First there is the Master tier which is on a completely different level. Playing there can be both educating and extremely fun. Learning from the top players while playing with them is a thing everyone should experience!

- HotS season 1 Unranked to Grand Master boost - and finally The big boys league. This is a special place where the skill matters. You can't reach this peak tier without a well rounded set of qualities. It is reserved for the top 500 players in each region and is the place where eSports stars are born. Some of us that have played other MOBAs know that if you are one of the top performers in the game you will be in the Grandmaster tier. We still dont know how much time will be required to get the Grand Master boost completed, but one thing is for sure with us - we have one of the best players in our team, so you will be one of the first to arrive in that prestigious league.

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The answer is simple - we are the best at what we do. This doesn't come only from us, we've received feedback from many satisfied customers saying that they would never go and try some of our competitors again. We are the quality that you need. Everything that we do in this website has one purpose - to satisfy the client's needs. We select the ones that work for us carefully and we are proud that we have such amazing players in our squad. With the new season coming in just 2 weeks we are expanding our team for even better performance.

The prices for our HotS boosting services are affordable and mirror the dedication and skill needed to reach a desired division. Since the new system is quite different from the previous one we did some research on the top League of Legends boosting sites (because the new system is similar) and we determined our prices based on the research, although we put a significant discount for basically everything we provide. We want a bigger group of players to test us and increase their personal performance in-game. We are prepared to adjust our prices if we see that the system is harder or easier than we initially thought. Only time will tell :)

We guarantee you that noone will be able to execute a Heroes of the Storm Master or Grand Master boost better then us!

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Myboosting.com team - The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!