Heroes of the Storm Team league boosting - Introducing the improved season 1 TL system! Affordable and professional!

Heroes of the Storm Team league boosting - Introducing the improved season 1 TL system! Affordable and professional!

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Team league boosting - Introducing the improved season 1 TL system! Affordable and professional!

June 06 , 2016


From the very beginning of the creation of the site we have been searching for a way to improve our Team League boost option. Although the interest towards that ladder was immense we feel like we did not serve the proper options for that type of service. The big issue is that we need to boost 5 accounts at a time, regardless of how many accounts a client is purchasing the service for which made the price quite high compared to the outcome, which in most cases was 1 account for a client taken to the division that he wants. We were thinking about what we can do in order to make this thrilling part of our service a bit more important and finally we have the perfect medicine for it.

With HotS official season 1 knocking at the door we are making a number of changes to our HotS boosting section so that we can stay up to date with the new ranking system that the developers are bringing live on 14th June. One of the most impactful changes that we are making is the addition of a waiting queue for the Team League boosts.

Why is that an improvement? - It's really simple! You as a customer in the most common scenario will want to have only one account taken to the desired division. Well by clicking the new button that we are bringing live on 14th June "I want to join the waiting queue for Team League boost" you will no longer need to pay the price of 4 or 5 accounts. Instead you will pay the price for your own + an additional small fee. Choosing this option will put you in our queue for this type of service. Once 3 or more accounts are gathered with a relatively similar demand we will start all of them together and perform the boost to the desired divisions. Although this option will most probably delay the start of the service with a few days it will save you 66% out of the price you would pay. This system is also available in our pre-order promotion pack for Team League boosts - season 1 and we already received enough to make a full pack and start the TL boost instantly when the season is live.

Team League boost

We are quite thrilled for this new feature and we expect the interest towards the Team competitive ladder to grow. Myboosting.com has done a number of Team league boosts during which we have a total of 2 losses in over 250 matches, which says enough for the level of our booster's team.

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We are going to keep the option to play with our boosters in a team, which in our eyes might be the best experience a player can have in Heroes of the Storm. Playing with 4 wrecking machines in your team is not only exciting, it is extremely educating also. You can learn a lot by playing with professionals and if you are capable of learning fast we guarantee that your own play style will improve significantly.

play with 4 pros in Team league

Additional benefits of our new Team League boosting system:

- The replays of all the games will be saved and sent to the owners of the accounts with no additional charge.

- In-game communication and tips will be included in the price for the ones that want to play with our boosters without additional charge.

- If you want us to start your boost instantly and not wait for other accounts to gather you will still be able to do that by unchecking the queue waiting button.

- We are prepared to do Team League boosts up to the Grand Master rank and even within it!

So if you are a guy that likes to play with competitive HotS teams, or you just want to experience the way the pros play in Team League - Myboosting.com is here for you!

Preorder for Season 1 Team League placement games boost is available!

Expect many new and exciting features coming soon on our website!

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