Heroes of the Storm - Winter Veil Patch preview

Heroes of the Storm - Winter Veil Patch preview

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm - Winter Veil Patch preview

December 18 , 2015

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Snuggle up to the warmth of your computer and get ready to fire up Heroes of the Storm, because Winter Veil has arrived to the Nexus! There are tons festive goodies our Hots boosters can't wait for. Be sure to check out the treats before Winter Veil concludes on Tuesday, January 12.

New Special Event Quest: 30 Days of Winter Veil.

Every Heroes of the Storm player can earn a free four day steam pack boost by playing 15 games during the Winter Veil festival. By playing 50 games, the reward is ten days boosting pack. Each game played during Winter Veil will count toward progress for both Special Event Quests.

Festive Treasure Goblin Mount.

All HotS players can ride the brand new Festive Treasure Goblin Mount for free during Winter Veil! This limited-time Mount cannot be purchased, and will only be available during Winter Veil.

Winter Veil Items in the Shop.

Several new Winter Veil skins and bundles, including Sugar Plum Sylvanas and Greatfather Stitches, have arrived to the Heroes of the Storm Shop for a limited time! As part of our Recruit a Friend celebration, all brand new Heroes, Mounts, Bundles, and Skins introduced with the patch will be available at 50% off their normal real-money prices through the end of the year, as well as the one year Steam Pack boost.

SHOP: New Bundles have been added for a limited time:

- Winter Veil 2015 Bundle.

- Winter Veil 2015 Ultimate Bundle.

- Sentinel Lunara Bundle.


Lunara has been added to the in-game Shop.

New Mount:

Champion’s Nexagon. Celebrate Cloud9’s victory at BlizzCon 2015 by riding the Champion’s Nexagon, which features the Cloud9 logo and team colors! This mount can only be purchased with Gold, and is available until February.

Returning Mounts:

- Lunar Tiger.

- Magic Carpet.

- Mount Removals.

- Cyber Wolf.

- Dire Wolf.

- Tyrael’s Charger.

Price changes:

Zagara’s prices have been reduced to 4,000 Gold and $6.49 USD.


- Greatfather Winter Stitches – Exclusively available during Winter Veil.

- Sugar Plum Sylvanas – Exclusively available during Winter Veil.

- Master Lunara.

- Sentinel Lunara.

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