Heroes of the storm world championship approaches

Heroes of the storm world championship approaches

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the storm world championship approaches

October 25 , 2015


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The worlds are knocking at the door. 3 days to the beginning of the show. We will witness the 8 top teams in the world in an epic battle for the first place. They all walk a hard path to reach to that tournament and they all deserve to be there. We are more familiar with the europe and america teams, but we might expect surprises from the other teams too. All hots fans will have the pleasure to watch the game at the highest level reached. The top rated teams will split the 500 000$ prizepool of the tournament. A very generous prize for a game that is so young.


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Brave Hearth - chinese team
Cloud9 - american team
Logi GIA - taiwan team
Natus Vincere - european team
Team Dignitas - european team
Team DK - korean team
Team YL - chinese team
Tempo Storm - american team


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We think that the first place is going to go to one of the american teams. Each team has chances but it feels like the NA meta is a little bit ahead of the rest. Surprises can be served yough. NaVi is a solid team that can do wonders in the game.

There are also the good days and the bad days. If some of the teams is on a killing spree in the given day we might see a really interesting turn around in the leaderboard. The one thing that is sure is that it will be a great show to watch.

One of the best ways to learn how to get better in the game is to watch the pros. These are the highest rated teams in the world right now so we advise you guys to spectate their playstyles carefully. You might just pick up the things that will make you a great player.


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