Hot news and interesting thing about heroes of the storms brought to you by

Hot news and interesting thing about heroes of the storms brought to you by

Heroes of The Storm

Hot news and interesting thing about heroes of the storms brought to you by

October 03 , 2015

Lunar Tiger Removal

Blizzard originally planned to remove the Lunar Tiger mount from the in-game shop on September 8th, but since it's part of this week's sales it will be available up to September 15th. Keep that in mind if you're interested in grabbing this mount.

Bot Reports and Bans

Some players have been sighting what seems to be bots playing in some accounts. A recent blue reply on Reddit indicates that they are on the watch for these reports, and that they do take action against accounts to try to use these methods. If you happen to spot one of these in your play sessions, make sure to report them! We can asure you that during hots boost order your account will be never banned.

Medic's Release

Dustin Browder has tweeted that the Medic will be arriving at the Nexus before the Starcraft warrior, Artanis. That could mean that the Medic is the next hero we will see released, likely in 3-4 weeks from now. We can powerlevel her after she is in the game, just order one of our heroes of the storm boosting services.

Ranked Play Leaderboards

Blizzard has released blog posts with the August Leaderboards for the top players in Hero League, in the North Americas, European and Korean regions. They say that while Grandmaster League isn't implemented, this should serve as a temporary way to compliment players who manage to get a very high internal Matchmaking Rating. If you want to join them buy our rank hots boost service!

Judgement Uther Available

The Judgement Uther bundle has been released and is now available in the Heroes shop. It contains the Judgement skin and the Judgment horse mount.

Diablo Battlegrounds Easter Egg

EdmondDantesInferno shared over at Reddit the Battlefield of Eternity easter egg! It seems to be the first time this info is publicized, even if someone found out about it before. The same easter egg is also available on Infernal Shrines, and at the end of the match a goblin appears to pick up items.

New Maps on the Works

We already knew that a Starcraft event with themed battlegrounds would not be happening this year, but today Dustin Browder confirmed that they are working on other maps - just not specifically Starcraft ones.

Blizzcon Schedule Revealed

Blizzard has revealed the schedule for the tournaments happening at Blizzcon. The Heroes of the Storm championship will happen on October 28th, 1:30 PM PDT.

BlizzCon 2015 Heroes Mount Unveiled

The Heroes mount reward for BlizzCon 2015 has been unveiled! This is the digital item you get in Heroes by purchasing a BlizzCon Ticket or the Virtual Ticket