HotS boost – the fast way to rank 1

HotS boost – the fast way to rank 1

Heroes of The Storm

HotS boost – the fast way to rank 1

September 25 , 2015

Heroes of the Storm boosting – what does it give you?

HotS boosting makes in-game wishes come true. If you are one of the players that want to be rank 1 or Grandmaster in Heroes of the Storm – this is the fastest way to achieve it. Purchasing HotS boost is probably the best option when it comes to efficient ladder climbing. offers professional, efficient and fast service that will skyrocket your official ladder ranking. Once you order a boost with us we will assign you (or you will choose yourself) one of our professional players. He will log on to your account (if normal boost) or you will play with him (if duo queue boost) and reach the desired place in no time. Speed quality and safety for our Heroes of the Storm boosting services are guaranteed. No other competitor has the variety that we provide and the option of selecting your booster in advance after reviewing some of his replays. We take full responsibility of providing the highest level of service. Any problems that may occur during the time while the order is ongoing can be solved in a timely manner – simply by messaging us on our contact details. Links below:

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What kind of players order HotS boosting?

Mainly there are two groups of people that order our service:

1. The ones that are stuck in the low-mid ranks and can not go out of them without help. We know the feeling of having bad teammates and trolls in the games. That is why we provide a solution out of a hard situation. So if you are one of the guys that wants to:

- get rank 1 in Heroes of the Storm
- get to Grandmaster (boost will be available when GM rank is live)
- buy fast HotS boost in EU or NA region
- get out of the low ranks in HotS
- play with HotS pro player
- fix the mmr of my Heroes of the Storm account

Our Heroes of the Storm boosters can make this happen in a really fast and professional way. Each of our players has been tested a number of times before getting an account of a client, so you don’t need to worry about who your booster is.

heroes of the storm rank boosting

2. The ones that don’t have time or nerves (or both) to get to the higher ranks. No need to worry if you are one of these – we are here to help.
You want to play with the best in Heroes of the Storm? – you are just a few steps away from doing exactly that. You have the skill, but not the time to play and you know that you can handle the big boys. Heroes of the Storm boosting service is the medicine that you are looking for. We have a number of top 200 players in the ranking ladder, that work for us. Pretty much the sky is the limit, all you need to do is buy hots boost from
We are here to fulfill any type of demands you may have. When to play on your account, what champions to play mostly, what to purchase with your in-game gold. We also provide an option that you can receive a detailed feedback of the games and comment specific situations/strategies/maps/ with our pro players.

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Why should I buy HotS boost from you and not somewhere else?

Well we can not force anyone to choose us. The final call is always in the clients hands. What we can do is to guarantee you results. We take full responsibility of all our hots boosters and even in the unlikely case where a client is unhappy with our service – we are ready to compensate appropriately. We provide quality, speed and professional approach. Our site support is on an extremely high level and here to answer any question that might arise. We might not be the cheapest hots boosting service out there, but we prefer quality instead of cheap prices. Most of you will agree that when you want something good, it’s never going to be the cheapest option on the market. So if you prefer Quality and professional hots boosting to the cheap and slow ones, that most of our competitors provide – feel free to try it and see for yourself. We provide HotS boosts in Europe (EU server) and North America (NA server).

The best HotS boosting service is here!

Reguards, team.