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December 04 , 2015


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Johanna is a tried and true tank that has the ability to cause frustration and chaos for the enemy team. From her multiple stuns, her blind and her sheer mitigation with Iron Skin could even make her a top tier selection. She also has some interesting abilities that work well as the initiator through Falling Sword with Condemn.


Heroes of the Storm boosting is a complicated job, but if there is one important thing to it, it's when to pick the right hero! Johanna is versatile tank, that can fit almost any setup. Her unstoppable mechanic makes her the perfect too for charging into the enemy team, and disrupting their damage dealers.


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As a tanky warrior, Johanna is very good at soaking incoming damage. Her mobility on the other hand is lacking. The only way to engage the enemy team is by right clicking into them, which makes her very easy to kite. There for, heroes like Valla, Raynor, Falstad and Tyches have an easy matchup against a grunt tank like Johanna. On the other hand, her blind and passive compensate for that weakness, by soaking a large amount of the damage from the same type of heroes. As a Hots booster, I think Johanna fits perfectly into her role and doesn't have bad matchups. It is very easy to carry games with her, as long as you play correctly - engage when needs to and protect your team.


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Level 1: If you would like to put out a bit more pressure during map, our Heroes of the storm boost team strongly recommend Knight Takes Pawn! It allows to clear waves really fast, and take objectives on minion heavy maps.

Level 4: Laws of Hope - is a great choice! The extra healing cooldown can essential keep you going longer. This is especially true early on. It also gives you an "on demand" heal, which is 5% per second. This greatly improves your ability to tank and take some big hits. Since it is percentage, scaling is not an issue later on.

Level 7: Sins Exposed is the favorite choice among our HotS boosters. It makes Johanna from a brick wall, that is only good for soaking damage into a potential kill threat. Seemingly the Crusader doesn't deal much damage, but because of talents like this one, combined with other of her base damage abilities, Johanna is always above the average "damage to heroes" statistic at the end of the game.

Level 10: Blessed Shield is the better option for heroic ability. It has low CD, high range, decent damage and can stun multiple key targets (which is always better than a knock up). There is not much to say about it, it is a solid Ultimate, usable for engage, peel or finisher.

Level 13: Burning Rage - We at Hots boost think this is always a great choice for a tank build. Johanna will spend majority of her time in the thick of the fight, having a small amount of damage constantly can really chip away at the other team. With Punish and Condemn, you will get a lot of uptime from Burning Rage.

Level 16: Blessed Hammer is fairly good damage output considering it has 3 circles around you to damage enemies. Johanna is tanky by default, and as a Heroes of the Storm booster, I prefer to build her as damage heavy as possible. With good positioning and knowledge of the hero, you won't need any additional deffence from talents. Blessed Hammer is another factor that makes the Crusader a kill threat for the enemy team.

Level 20: Indestructible is the "get out of death" card. You typically won't be focused enough to make this worth while, but it can help to keep you in the fight a few seconds longer, which could lead to other kills for your team. In the late game, saving a death timer of 60 seconds could mean the difference in a match.

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