HotS boost Hero guide - Tyrande, the voice of Elune

HotS boost Hero guide - Tyrande, the voice of Elune

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HotS boost Hero guide - Tyrande, the voice of Elune

December 03 , 2015

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Tyrande is a range support that excels at long range CC, provides vision and has a reasonable amount of healing at her disposal, making her one of the top support picks in the game. Our Heroes of the Storm boost team have made a short guide showing her advantages on the battlefield and providing some useful tips about thehero.

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The right answer to that question is: “As often as you can!”. At her current stage Tyrande is the most potent support in the game. She does everything – from burst healing low hp targets, to providing massive amounts of damage! Our Hots boost team consider her to be the only support that can single handedly carry a game! Tyrande doesn’t have a weak matchup, she is vulnerable to burstdamage, but so is every other support. Her Q ability heals both herself and the target she cast it on, cutting team healing downtime bynerver targeting herself. Her passive, puts 25% vulnerability on an enemy target, giving massive free damage boost to her team. And her ultimate has global range, making every ally on the map invisible, healing them for the duration of the spell. Adding a range stun to her arsenal makes Tyrande the most versatile hero in the game!

Weak and Strong matchups

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If there is one weakness to the hero, it is that Tyrande is extremely squishy. Our Hots boosting team advises you to play with caution against the likes of Nova and Zeratul that can burst you down in a rotation of spells. Also Tyrande doesn’t have any mobility to assisther, so bad positioning is your worst nightmare. Warriors like Muradin, Johana, ETC, Diablo and Anub’arak can easily lock you down with CC or even kill you themselves.
When played correctly Tyrande is a bane against any setup. Herbiggest asset is Lunar Flare (E) – a long range skill shot that dealsdamage and stuns the target for 1 sec. This ability can be utilizedagainst any kind of range threats, providing easy lockdown for yourteam to gank on them. Our Hots boost team find Tyrande’s bestmatchups are against squishy range damage dealers: Valla, Raynor,Zagara, Sylvanas, Keal’Thas, Jaina and others.


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Level 1:

Ranger's Mark - This is always the pick of our Hots boost team. Reducing Hunter's Mark CD from 20 seconds to 12 seconds is a big deal as you should always be using this as often as possible during team fights.

Level 4:
Healing Ward - Even with recent nerfs to make Healing Ward easier to kill and heal for less, we still like this talent as it is the only AoE heal Tyrande has at her disposal before she hits level 10
Level 7:
Lunar Blaze - This is the typical pick at this level amongst our Heroes of the Storm boosters, as the range for Lunar Flare means you will almost always have the best chance possible to land your skill shot stun, especially on fleeing enemies. Also helps you snag Lili or Valla in the back lines to stop some heals or damage coming in, without putting yourself into major danger.
Level 10:
Shadowstalk is a huge part of Tyrande’s strength. Not only that by pressing R, you turn every team mate into a walking pixelblur that is also healing them, but it can be casted anywhere on the map! This ultimate can be used both for sneak attacks on the enemy team, or as a typical AoE heal
Level 13:
Overflowing Light – our Hots boost team really like this talent, but it does carry the condition that you stay above 50% hp. This isn't very hard, as every time you heal someone else you also healyourself. By this level of the match, you should know where the enemy team is focusing their damage on.
Level 16: This is the only talent that is not straight forward. The general pick is Trueshot Aura, increasing your team’s basic attack power by 15%. It is not a total waste, even if your team does not have auto attack based assassins like Raynor or Valla. However, Ranger is a very useful poke tool, and it is really powerful against the likes of Murky or Lost Viking, one-shotting the little guys.
Level 20:
Storm Shield is always a great talent, and fixes anotherweak spot in Tyrande's kit: team-wide healing/protection. It makes a great combo with her ultimate, giving massive amount of hp to her team. Combining all of the above tallest make Tyrade the most powerful support in the current stage of the game!

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