Hots boost before preseason ends

Hots boost before preseason ends

Heroes of The Storm

Hots boost before preseason ends

October 09 , 2015

Why order Hots boost before the season ends?

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Hots boosts are efficient even if its not in the official season. First of all your MMR will stay higher than an average player even in the next season. So if you are trying to climb the ladder it will be extremely more easy if you were high tier in the last season.
For example if you buy Hots boost to rank 1 now, after your placements in the next season you will have a big advantage even if you lose a few games you will still probably be in the top 15 ranks. Its much easier to start your grind from there, than from some of the 30-40 ranks.

We are also expecting Blizzard to announce some prizes for the ones that were on the top of the ladder. We still dont know what form the gifts will have but in all other similar games there are prizes at the end of the season.

We guarantee you the speed of your Heroes of the storm boost.
We guarantee the safety and the quality also!

What are the chances that i will get my hots boost to where i want it to be?

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The chance that your boosting order will be done exactly as you want is 100%. Our professional hots boosters work day and night and will execute your demands in no time.
We might be new on the market, but we know what we are doing. We are in this business for a long time.

If you are afraid that your account will get compromised you can always use the Hots DuoQ boost option, or our Hots coaching sessions.

If there are teams out there that are struggling to get to the top of the ladder - dont worry we have a solution for that. Our team league boost is nowhere to be matched. We work with one of the top tier tiems both in NA and EU servers.

So if you are wondering where to place your Heroes of the Storm boosting order - this is the place to be.

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Reguards, team.