Hots boosting October Discount

Hots boosting October Discount

Heroes of The Storm

Hots boosting October Discount

October 12 , 2015

For the whole of October we provide cheap Heroes of the Storm boosting

Hots boost

As previously said our hots boosts are with 20% discount for the whole of October. All you need to do is use the promotion code written in the picture above. Using that promotion code gives you 20% of all orders (without Promotion packs). We provide one of the cheapest hots boosting services for that period of time. All you need to do is go to our Hots ranked boosting section, add your promo code in the field and you will receive quality and professionalism for really cheap price.

We provide better service than the rest

Hots coaching

Some of you might have used the service of freelancers and other sites. First of all we would like to point out that noone guarantees the result if its a freelancer. They might be big on words but not on actions. There are a few quality hots boosters out there, we dont argue with that, but the chance to get one of these among the rest is not that high. We test our hots boosters and guaranteed the results to anyone that buys heroes of the storm boosting or coaching with us. Even if you dont like your booster for some reason, you can always ask us to change it with someone else. We also provide the option to pause and continue your boost whenever it is suitable fro you.

Hots boosting with

rank 1 boost

We are the place for your heroes of the storm boost. If you want duoq boost or coaching we are also the place to search for it. This month with exclusive 20% discount. Buy it now using these links:



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