The Hots boosting story - how was the boosting industry born

The Hots boosting story - how was the boosting industry born

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The Hots boosting story - how was the boosting industry born

October 27 , 2015


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All good stories have a beginning and eventually an end. We are not quite sure where ours starts and if it is a good one but we are quite sure about how it started.
Computer gaming have been a thing to do for young people ever since the first computers were delivered to private buyers. We all remember (at least the older ones lol) games like Tetris, Super Mario then Quake 2, Diablo, Unreal Tournament, Need for speed 2/3 and many more that probably made us gamers.The industry started from 2D black and white games and evolved to present days where you can find games that look more realistic than if you see something with your own eyes.
Somewhere between these two moments a group of people realized that this is a market that will only grow and most probably "never die". Shortly after they found out that there were other ways to earn money from online gaming besides being a game creator. To do that you would need to be either very good at gaming or very sharp to figure out how to make money come to you using an already developed market. (Nowadays the business attracts more and more new "stars" which brings to a significant DROP of both of the qualities that are essential to be successful, but there are still a few out there that make things as they should be done).

Boosting appeared long before we could recognize that it was there. If you were a little kid playing a game and you couldn't get from one level to another - what would you do? - Call a friend that could do it. He comes to your house and gets the level done. Well sir - you got boosted without even knowing that!

There will always be people that are amazing/good/bad or terrabad at games. Its just how things are. It is like that in all spheres of life. You want to be a singer !? - if you dont have the qualities it will remain only a dream (we all watch X Factor or The Voice from time to time Rofl). Although this article starts to sound more like popular science film than a boosting article, we shall continue our path to knowledge ! XD


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As games started getting more and more complexed the difference between skill levels started to become really obvious. As we all know, no one wants to be bad at something that he/she likes to do (and gaming is usually something that people love doing). Whether it is a difficult level/rank/situation that you want to surpass or you want to get your skill on a better level - it is normal - these are all things that are quite recognizable in each individual. So that is the exact reason why boosting was born. People giving service to others because they are better at something. Would Schumacher be the all time best F1 driver if his father forbid him to drive a car because it is too dangerous ?

I'd say that games like Diablo, WoW, LoL (and more) are some of the bigger factors that created boosting as it is now. The more skill a game requires and the more people play it - more boosters will be willing to earn money from it! And why not!? If you are a young rising gaming star (also called a geek xD) playing at super high level games for fun - it might just be a better thing for you to make it paid. You still play, it is still fun but you also earn some cash for your free time (if any xD).

Myboosting sees no shame in that. Some people are just better than others and some just need more time and a bit of teaching to get to the high levels.



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That is something that noone can say for sure. Boosting is controversial by definition. We from Myboosting see it as something that will never get old because there are more and more new games that require exactly skill, dedication and hard work. This is what we work for and we dont see it as something that should be called "illegal". We are here for a reason. As each story this one has two sides too.

We see our service more as a help to those that need teaching and a push into the right direction. Gaming is a hobby for most and for many it just feels nice to be good at it. We give exactly that. Playing with high tier players, learning new things, starting to play better yourselves is something that is "bad" or "illegal"? It is not! For those that say that we bend the rules we say - change the rules.

There are litterary hundreds of thousands young players out there that earn their money because they are good at gaming. They might be good at many other things but the circumstances force them to work that kind of a job. It was like that for me once. While i was in university there was no way i could start a full time job, so i just decided to make my hobby something that is profitable. I would never regret that choice since it was at the time the only one possible, but its not just that - it made me realize how things work on a whole nother level. You want to master a game - you better have the brain for that. You want to be good at something - you better put the time and effort in it, otherwise nothing good will come out of it.

To many we will remain the black sheep regardless of what we say or do, we have accepted that. But to those who read this article, we only ask from you to try and see the story from its other side. There is a saying I like to use - "It's all a matter of perspective".

Thank you for reading and sorry if i bored you too much :)

This article represents only the personal view of the writer and does not claim to be fully true.

For it we would like to thanks - John Atanasov (the man who created the computer), the creators of Tetris, Super Marion, The awesome guys who figured out how useful Internet can be and many many others along the way that have led us to play awesome games like Heroes of the Storm.

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Regards, - Heroes of the Storm boosting site!