HotS end of Season 1 rewards boost

HotS end of Season 1 rewards boost

Heroes of The Storm

HotS end of Season 1 rewards boost

July 26 , 2016



Our HotS boosting service is created to get the ones using it to wherever they want in the competitive ladder of the game. We can get you to Master or Grand Master without a problem for just a few days depending on the standing you have when the boost is starting. offers it's customers the exclusive chance to harvest the amazing end of season 1 rewards. We can do that as Solo (piloted) service or as a Duo Queue boost - the choice is entirely in your hands.

As Blizzard previously announced the most attractive reward will come when a player has achieved the Master or Grand master reward. This season's Epic Elemental Lizard mount is simply too good to miss and you can easily get it using our website.

The season rewards will be delivered as it follows:

Season 1 HotS rewards boost - get the rewardsRegardless of which reward you'd like to have we can help you out. Our live support is on 24/7 and can answer any questions you miht have related to our service / the seasonal rewards or anything else that might concern you.

If you are wondering what the portraits and the mount look like here is a preview:

season 1 end of season rewards boosting

season 1 epic elemental mount

Many players in Heroes of the Storm struggle to climb the ladder for different reasons. Some are stuck in "elo hell" others don't have enough time to play HotS or the simply don't have enough skill to climb. Don't worry, guys! is here to solve these problems for you. If you want it you will get it! We have one of the best Heroes of the Storm players in the world at your disposal. We can climb the official ladder with the speed of light and up to the very top. We have a number of top 20 / top 30 Grand master players in our squad. If you are unsure of that we are always ready to do smaller test orders so that you can see for yourself what kind of people work here! Quality, safety and speed are guaranteed and unmatched anywhere on the market.

The Master and Grand master boost rewards definitely look most appealing and these achievements are not easy to get. If you feel that our prices are not for your pocket we do offer exclusive discounts for repeated clients and clients willing to order larger amount's of divisions so we are opened to negotiate in these situations.

Epic elemental mount


We are an established brand, currently ranking at N1 Google. This is for a reason. We offer the biggest versatility of options and the best players that will execute them. Take a look at our list and check the prices of the one you feel is best fitting for your needs:

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As we mentioned before we guaranteed the quality of our work. If there is ever an unsatisfied customer we are ready to compensate you appropriately. We have many boosters that are flexible with time, so each boosting session can be scheduled for a time that you like.

Be sure to check our HotS Coaches if you want to improve your in-game skills and mechanics and maybe you will be able to harvest the end of season 1 rewards yourself!

Heroes of the Storm boost

Regards, - The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!