HotS future priority changes

HotS future priority changes

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HotS future priority changes

January 08 , 2016


Our HotS boosting team stumbled upon a few interesting Tweets from Dustin Browder - the HotS game director. In his short answers he gives a much needed information about what is a priority and what isn't for the Blizzard developing team.

Browder is spending more and more time answering fans questions and keeping the audience up to date of what is happening behind the curtains. That is a great approach, considering we are still expecting a few quite important fixes to take effect. Our Heroes of the storm squad is watching closely the progress of most of the factors that the Director tweeted.

For main targets of the developing team he points out:
Matchmaker, Bans, Improved draft, Season roll, Grand Master, Death recap, Rank play update.

We think that this is spot on. There is nothing that is more important than these few points at the current moment. Getting more heroes or maps wont fix it's core problems which are exactly the ones mentioned by the Director.

Matchmaker is probably the most commented topic in HotS in the last few months. Fixing the system and getting it to the competitive level that the game requires is in our point of view the most crucial factor for it's future success. Without it the game is doomed to go on a downfall.

Bans are a must for a game like HotS. There is always a hero that will get a little bit out of hand when changes occur. The banning system allows players to balance the game on their own. Removing OP champions, such as in the current meta - Raynor, Kael'thas and Tyrande is a needed change. However we dont think that this is a Top 1 Priority that cant wait.

Improved draft is also a great path to take. Same as bans though our Hots boost team doesn't think that it is something that can not wait for a month or two more.

Season roll is in fact our second most valuable thing to make. The beginning of the official season one of Heroes of the Storm is taking a lot longer than initially expected. Prolonging that period more will not be beneficial for anyone. We are waiting for the real competition to start!

Grand Master is certainly something that will switch things up in the upper tier of the ladder. Having something to play and fight for is always motivating. We hope that Grand Master will bring exactly that to the game. With it our HotS boosting service will have another aim to conquer - The Grand Master boosting ! :)

Death recap would be of use. It is quite entertaining in some occasions. However it is a good way to learn your own mistakes and improve your game! Thumbs up for this one!

Rank play update is something that is quite vast to summerize. We dont actually know what exactly is meant by that but knowing Blizz it's something worth it. Myboosting presumes it's something related with the ranking system, but we will see if there is something extra behind that announcement.

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Dustin Browder also mentioned a few not so crucial things, but still worth knowing.

We are expecting a Gazlowe rework which wont be coming that soon, but will most certainly be there.

Tyrande is probably getting a little nerf in the upcoming patches.

A clan system will be implimented into the game. This one is actually something to really look forward to. We as a Heroes of the Storm boosting community are ready to start making our ingame clan and simply to rek the competition ! XD

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