HotS official season start (Updated), Grandmaster, Hero league bans delayed.

HotS official season start (Updated), Grandmaster, Hero league bans delayed.

Heroes of The Storm

HotS official season start (Updated), Grandmaster, Hero league bans delayed.

January 27 , 2016


NEW UPDATE - OFFICIAL SEASON 1 START IS 14th JUNE 2016 - read full info here!

The date is 27.01.2016 - After months of guessing and going from rumour to rumour and from delay to the next one we face another postpone of the HotS season start coming from an official source, with it we will also wait for the Grandmaster league and the Hero league bans.

Our Heroes of the storm boosting team has been expecting the first ranked season for quite a long time and we are not as close to it as we would like. Justin Browder - the game director posted on Twitter that the season is not weeks away, but months. No exact number of the months. We are no strangers to delays when Blizzard is involved, but we really did not expect that.

It's been nearly a year since the open beta came live and the tests started. Although a lot of the game imperfactions were fixed a number of them still remain and we all know them since the very first ranked games we played.

However, the bigger problem is that players are actually leaving the game because the competition is just not there. The Grandmaster league would presumably make that go away, but it will most certainly not be able to bring back all the players that already left the Nexus. Blizzard must be realizing that, as we all do. The more the season is delayed, the worse. The competitive play system has been known to have big issues from the alpha, and a few of them still remain.

Many of the things that are still negatively impacting the game are known for quite some time.

So as a short conclusion:

We will be waiting for a few months more to enter the official ranked season 1 of Heroes of the Storm and to compete for the Grandmaster spots.

Who knows maybe Overwatch will advance to that stage first?

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