HotS rank 1 matchmaking improvements

HotS rank 1 matchmaking improvements

Heroes of The Storm

HotS rank 1 matchmaking improvements

February 05 , 2016


Basicly our whole HotS boosting crew is currently playing in the high end of Rank 1. If you are on of the players or you are on your way to reaching Rank 1 you should be one of the players that will be greatly affected by the yesterday's changes to the game.

An official announcement came (SOURCE) in yesterday with a preview of the new rules that will take place in Hero league. These are steps that we have been seeing in the last couple of months targeting the competitive play and the Quick match HotS fans. However this patch is targeting mostly Hero League and specificly its highest tier of players.

As announced the first part of the improvements targets the likelyhood of a pro player to get matched with lower-end players on the battlefield. As we all know the higher your HotS MMR is, the harder it is to find a game that will represent your skill. That is normal not just for Heroes of the Storm, but for other games too. However the chance to get matched with unskilled players was extremely high for a long amount of time and as Blizz informs us now this chance has been greatly reduced. After our HotS boosters tried a few Hero League games and getting a few of the most common Rank 1 HotS boosting orders, we are actually surprised of the effect that this change brought. The games are truly more competitive and you rarely see players that dont belong at that level of play. That should have a possitive impact on the game in general since as we have previously talked - the game was struggling to bring the necessary competitive level due to it's MM problems.

The second part of the improvement, also targeted at the Rank 1 players, consists of a new rule that will basicly limit the top rank from playing against others that are lower than rank 4. However there is still a chance that you might get in a game with someone from the lower levels but the chance is greatly reduced.

In general our Heroes of the Storm boosting crew is happy with the improvements that are taking place in the game and we are expecting more to come. It is obvious that this problem is the one that the developers are working hardest to fix. Almost in every new patch there is an update of the system and it has started to have visible results - something that everyone was concerned about.

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