HotS season 1 placement games boost importance. Players MMR soft reset upcoming

HotS season 1 placement games boost importance. Players MMR soft reset upcoming

Heroes of The Storm

HotS season 1 placement games boost importance. Players MMR soft reset upcoming

May 12 , 2016


With the upcoming changes to the ranked system of HotS there will be a few differences from what the game has been so far in terms of placement games and peak ranks you can reach. As we previously explained the current Rank system will change into a League / Division system that will show your current standing in the ladder.

The placement games are one of the most important matches that you will play in the game. After a MMR reset or a new season your account will be put in an Unranked state and your performance in the first few games will determine where you belong according to your performance.

So far each new player needed to play 20 placement games to get a ranking. The new system offers a shorter version and in the official season 1 of HotS you will play only 10 games that will determine your standing further on. Our service specializes in performance so we can make sure that you will get a head start if you choose to purchase a HotS placement games boost from us in the upcoming season.

The peak spot that you can reach after the first 10 matches as far as the initial information goes is Diamond 3, which is our eyes is higher then deserved. Getting a perfect start of your Heroes of the Storm competitive season will save you loads of time grinding through the lower ranks, not even mentioning the nerves that some trollmode games bring with them. In order to get placed so high (Diamond 3) into the ladder we are quite sure that your previous standing should be extremely good also. So the importance of your performance in the preseason will count and your highest reached MMR will matter. If you need improvement on your current (preseason) standing into the ranked ladder our Heroes of the Storm Hero League boosting service is here for you!

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An additional fact worth mentioning is that all placement matches will be played between other allies and enemies that are doing their placements.

Even more exciting is the upcoming introduction of the new top divisions - Master and Grandmaster (Myboosting will offer HotS grandmaster and master boosting once live!)

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Each new season means a new beginning for most players - a chance to prove that they belong higher and higher. The MMR reset is a normal stage that each multiplayer competitive game goes through. Most of the pro players will get back and conquer the peak spots of the ladder again. The real shifts though are in the mid ranks. A lot of new players will appear from the bottom of the ladder and compete versus better opponents if they prove worthy.

We've been asked a number of times if the Preseason MMR will even matter in the new season and we have a firm answer now - YES.

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There wont be a full wipe of the achievements that you have earned throughout the long preseason! You have all put in a lot of hours and dedication to the game so far so that is a fair decision!

Remember that the placement games will still be really impactful for the initial standing that you will get. So prepare yourselves and perform on level in these first 10 games or you might regret it afterwards.

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