How to determine which Multiplayer game is best for you by estimating your actual skill level

How to determine which Multiplayer game is best for you by estimating your actual skill level

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How to determine which Multiplayer game is best for you by estimating your actual skill level

March 16 , 2018


In a world where virtual and online activities such as gaming became one of the top things to do in your free time, surpassing almost all other types of entertainment, it becomes exceedingly hard to choose the game you might have the highest success in. There are millions of games that you can try out in multiple genres, each of which with unique flavor and skills necessary to master in order to dominate. In this article we will focus only on the PvP (player vs player) games because when we talk about pure skill the best way to evaluate how good you are is to compare performance with other players.

Selecting a genre (top games)

A research shows that the top choices when it comes to PvP game genres are:

- First person shooters - Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Overwatch etc.

- Third person shooters - GTA, Max Payne, Uncharted

- MMORPG - WoW, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Dota

- Racing - Need for Speed, Forza, Gran Turismo

- Sports - Fifa, NBA, NFL

- Fighting - Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Takken

- Card games - Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, Artifact (not live yet)

A newly rising genre that is picking up a lot of love:

- Battle Royale (which is also a shooter) - PUBG, Fortnite

Each different type of game requires a skillset that is unique. Mastering the game specifics is what will lead you to success. All games as you might have understood have similarities and differences.

There are numerous players around the world that can play many games on a very high level, however the biggest portion of gamers can not dominate in more than one or two genres. That is easily explainable and we'll follow with what's necessary in order to compete on a master level.



There are a few basic qualities that each player needs to poses if he wants to become a high skilled gamer, and a number of other skills that are recommended for the different types of games. Following we'll list the most important qualities and skills that you need to poses. If you want to see how well you'll perform in a specific genre you can simply read the list and put a "Check mark" on the ones you poses. Remember that you need to have an objective and honest self-estimation on what you can / can not do.


- Endurance - it is absolutely obligatory to be able to keep on fighting for what you want to achieve. Quitters will never be successful in their game of choice, instead they will hop on from one game to another, finding little to no success at any.

- Patience - remember that results will not miraculously appear in a day or two. You need to dedicate time and efforts in order to achieve a higher skill level, understand the specifics of the platform you play and eventually start performing.

- Determination - if you really want to be great at what you love doing, you need to set your mind towards that goal. Mental determination is important not only gaming, but in all other spheres of life.

- Self-criticism - knowing what you do wrong and focusing on fixing the mistakes you make is the only way that you can become better. If you think that you are flawless in everything you do you will be doing yourself a really bad favour which will lead to little-to-non improvement.

- Ability to learn and adapt - games evolve everyday. Most developers launch a massive amount of upgrades and you need to be able to adapt to the changes and the meta of the game.

- Being positive and non-toxic - a statistic shows that it is much more likely to end up victorious if you stay positive even when things are looking grim. Flaming and cursing can never be motivational both for you and your team mates.


- Fast reflexes (Crucial for genres - Shooters) - we all know what Koreans can do with a mouse and keyboard. Some people reflexes are absolutely insane. Of course very few people have that talent with birth. Fear non - with time and practice you can get better at it, regardless of the fact that you struggle from the beginning.

- Micro management (Crucial for genres - MMORPG, Strategies) - or in other words being able to handle interacting with multiple elements in the game for a short period of time is extremely important. It's similar to Real life multitasking, but also different in a way. This goes for almost every platform that you will play, but is obligatory for some such as MMORPGs and Strategies.

- Strategical thinking (Crucial for genres - Card games, MMORPGs) - following a pre-made game plan that will be evolving throughout your games, depending on the actions taken is an incredible advantage over your opponents. Knowing how to act in certain situations without even thinking is a game changer in many situations.

- Shot caller (Crucial for genres - Shooters, MMORPGs) - if you are playing a team-based game and you can make the right decisions it is a huge bonus for you and your team. Guiding your allies is usually the way towards victory.

- Team leader (Crucial for genres - Every teambased game) - shot calling and team leading united make the perfect captain. Making all players think and act as one is not only beneficial for you, it also helps your team mates focus on other things that they can perform better, without the burden of thinking what to do next which will be entirely on your shoulders.

- Flexibility (Crucial for genres - Shooters, Sports, Fighting, MMORPGs) - being flexible in different situations can give you a huge edge (it's the same as in real life). Having the ability to pick different champions, play different roles or position yourself in different locations and executing the tasks at hand with the same efficiency makes a great all around player.

- Good aim (Crucial for genres - Shooters, Battle royale) - Obviously when you play shooters you'd want to have high accuracy. Aiming can be improved by performing simple tasks in practice mode. Getting used to the sensitivity and the way the crosshair moves is vital and increases your impact by a ton.

- Good movement (Crucial for genres - Sports, Fighting, Racing, Shooters) - knowing the exact time and place where you'll have the biggest impact is another thing to look for. Of course the way you move is significantly more important when you are playing games where "how you move" is everything such as racing.

- Fast calculations (Crucial for genres - MMORPGs, Card games, Shooters) - being able to calculate the outcome of a fight after seeing how it starts is something that requires great game knowledge. Once you master this ability you will start playing on a whole nother level. It will also help you determine the Aggressive and Passive game aspects below

- Knowing when to be aggressive (Crucial for genres - Every game with escalating action flow) - measuring your attacks and peak power spikes is a must for a successful outcome

- Knowing when to be passive (Crucial for genres - Every game with escalating action flow) - understanding that you are at a disadvantage and knowing how to back off is also something that will benefit you.

- Ability to recover (Crucial for genres - Every game where there is only one winner) - everyone has ups and downs. Think positively and continue improving even after a hard defeat.

- Analytical thinking (Crucial for genres - Absolutely every Genre) - the ability to understand what went wrong and how to avoid the same mistakes in the future is probably the most important skill that you may poses. After observing and analyzing a specific situation you can acquire immense amount of knowledge of how the game works, why certain events happen the way they do and how to become better at playing.

- Finding suitable team mates (Crucial for genres - Team based games) - some heavily team-based games require a suitable team mate that you play with. The main task is to surpass your differences, make yourselves stronger when playing together and fill in the holes that each individual has by compensating with the strengths of others.



Keep in mind that if you have a bed estimation of how you perform, thinking that you are "good" at something that you aren't and vice versa is absolutely devastating for your future growth as a player. There is NO "PERFECT" PLAYER. There is always room to improve, no matter how much you start dominating you can always do better.

Skill rating / Division / Rank systems in most online games are quite accurate. However there are some flaws in them due to the fact that each player has different skills. In some games the qualities that you poses will create a dominant player out of you, while in others the fact that you lack even a single skill will put you in the lower bracket.

Being honest and estimating your skill objectively is obligatory. That way you will know what to focus on, you can make a plan or ask for some guidance from a better player or watch a pro game or streamer. Seeing how the best players perform and saying "I can do that" doesn't mean that you actually can. However if you set your mind at it and evaluate your actual skill, your strengths and weaknesses you might just become the next big name in the gaming universe!

We hope that this article was useful for you guys! If you have any remarks or things that you would want to see in our news section in the future - please contact us and we'll do everything to make it happen!


Regards, - The quality boosting and coaching service!

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