How to get rank 1 - Heroes of the Storm

A guide to be a better hots player and qualities to get to rank 1. Heroes of the storm boosting service and coaching.

How to get rank 1 - Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm

How to get rank 1 - Heroes of the Storm

September 24 , 2015

What are the most important skills that you have to possess in HotS?

Each player that wants to climb the ranked ladder without the use of HotS boosting services must have a number of qualities.
We will try to give you an inside from one of our Heroes of the Storm boosters.
Here are some of the qualities that you need in the game:
1. Time and dedication to the game – no one is born with the knowledge how to be the best. Things comes come slowly, but in time it all pays out. Being determined to succeed is the first step to become one of the best in Heroes of the Storm. If you play 2-3 hours a week, don’t expect anything too big to come out of it. We encourage people to play the game for fun, but if you are one of those, who actually want to become better and reach the peak spots you will have to spend a bit more time than normal in-game.

2. Communication skills – Heroes of the Storm is extremely team based game. In order to have positive results in it you have to be cooperating with your teammates. If you are a leader – use that to your advantage and guide your team towards the Victory. If not, well than just try to keep your team together – quarrels, flaming and cursing are never something that will impact your games in a good way. Unity is one of the keys towards good end result.

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3. Mechanics – This is something that HotS boosters are masters of. It is one of the things that comes naturally to some, but for others is a really hard task. Try watching some of the current professional players on the streaming channels and copy their movement throughout the game – of course don’t be blind and adjust these moves to your game.

4. Map awareness and objective control - unlike other MOBAs in Heroes of the Storm you really can’t just go on a solo mission and carry the game alone. You need to take the control over the map in order to achieve the big goal. Knowing what is available and how to approach the objective is a key component in the game. This is something that is based on game knowledge and quick thinking.
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5. Knowing the meta picks – no need to lie about it, there are some champions that are stronger than others. Read the patch notes and watch how other heroes are doing in-game. If some champion constantly wrecks the games – start playing it! The more OP, the better. Don’t be one of the guys that says to his enemies “it’s so easy to win a game with this champion”, but be the one that plays it! In that line of thoughts always adjust your pick to the team composition in champion select. Being off with your choice can prove devastating in your games, since you will lack usefulness throughout the game.

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6. Know the maps and the builds of your champ – when it comes to Heroes of the Storm boosting, the map really doesn’t matter, but that is due to the fact that our boosters have played each of them a significant amount of times. For you though if you are not experienced player, the best way to learn these things is by reading a guide – either for a map or a champion build – or both.

7. Stick to what you are good at – if a role fits you, play it as often as possible. If you stomp with a single champion – don’t hesitate to pick it whenever it is appropriate. Never though, don’t stay without options. You need to have at least some champion pool that you know to play on a good level.

Hope that this info and tips will help you guys become better players.
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Reguards, team.