How to improve your aim and weapon accuracy.

How to improve your aim and weapon accuracy.

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How to improve your aim and weapon accuracy.

March 28 , 2018


As a leading website for boosting services in FPS games, is going to share some tips on how to improve your aim in Overwatch, Destiny 2, Fortnite and other shooter games.

Shooters are among the most played video games nowadays. There are millions of people playing shooters and one of the most common problems is How to improve your aim?

There are plenty of important aspects while playing a game. Aim is basically what FPS are all about. In my experience, it is good to take a few minutes off every day and just do aiming exercise in custom game with bots. Even though 2 minutes don't seem like much - it makes all the difference.. No one can become a pro in a day or two, but here are some useful tips on how to get better.

1. Mouse sensitivity is one of the most important aspects while improving your aim. Different players use different mouse sensitivity. The lower it is – the better. Almost all pro players use as low as possible sensitivity in order to be more precise while aiming and fixing an exact spot while shooting. Some mouse software could also help you improve. For example Mouse acceleration is something really common among pros and will help you to move your mouse over 360 degrees fast enough while at the moment you would like to aim at exact spot will be precise and accurate.

Of course, mouse sensitivity is something individual but our recommendation is to try lowering it as much as possible.

2. Make sure your DPI/ sensitivity is not too hight, take your time with aiming, always aim neck/headlevel (aim placement).

3.Practice tracking/Flicking (different aim styles) consistently.

4. Practice at aiming ingame. Some games like Overwatch for example, provide a practice modes where you can simply train your aim. Before trying to climb competitive ladder it's good to spend some time on dummies trying to precise your shots as much as possible. Spending 10-15 mins a day on Practice modes will really help you to improve your overall in game performance.

5. Another great way to improve your aim is to use aim precision websites. highly recommends . It is an incredibly simple website, where you can adjust everything from mouse sensitivity, frequency of targets, shots per second, target duration – you name it. It is a great tool to practice and improve your aim. We highly recommend spending 5-10 mins a day, every day. The results will come in no time. Our Professional Coaching teams often recommend using websites like this for practice. The more you practice – the better. Achieving a time of around 1 minute on Aimbooster means that you are in decent shape. Everything above 1:20 - 1:30 mins is excellent performance.

6. Another important aspect of aim improvement is the weapon choices or different heroes.

For example, in Overwatch different heroes require different sensitivity, different aim skills and different practice. On the other hand games like Destiny 2 and Fortnite offer wide variety of weapon chooses. Besides that in different games there are always highly favored hero/weapon choices, the most important aspect of being a good player is to use the ones you feel most comfortable with.



FieryFrog – Constant top10 EU Player:

"It's all about sensitivity. The lower it is - the better. Pros say the best sensitivity is when you do 360 turn in game by moving your mouse from one side of mouse pad to another. Also there's a thing called arm aiming and wrist aiming, if you want to hit those shots you're definitely gonna get used to arm aiming."

Insanity - Constant top50 NA player, winner of many tournaments in different shooter games:

"The best way to earn accuracy on FPS game is gaining memory muscle in your right hand and sync your movements with your aim. How do we do that?

1- Turn off every acceleration in your PC, Drivers etc, (Windows Sensitivity must be 6 and Enhance Pointer Precision off)

2- Using a lower sensitivity DPI - If you use a really high sensitivity and dpi your brain cannot remember what movements you have to do to reach every pixel in your monitor that's why you want to use an lower sensitivity EXAMPLE : 800 dpi - 5 sensitivity [Overwatch]

3- Practice like going to the Gym - There are no secrets on this one, if you want to gain memory muscle you need to give your brain and arm hours and hours of practice, Go play quick plays with the heroes or weapons you like, watch pros on Twitch playing what you want to master and try to imitate it. Do that every day at least 2 hours (like going to the gym) you will see the differences in less than a week!"

Cat – Constant top10 NA player:

"If you want to improve your aim in FPS games, you want to make sure you purchase a mouse that has software to change the DPI on it. The most common DPIs used are 400, 800 and 1600. You have to find a decent sensitivity as well for the game you are playing. You can decide to go for a low sensitivity and use your entire arm to aim in-game or use a high sensitivity and use your wrist to aim."

If you want additional information, or a coaching session constructed exactly for your needs do not hesitate to message us and book an hour or two with our coaches. We will do everything within our power to not only make you a better player, but also have fun while doing so.


Regards, - The quality boosting and coaching service!

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