How the latest Overwatch changes impact the game? What's next for the game?

How the latest Overwatch changes impact the game? What's next for the game?


How the latest Overwatch changes impact the game? What's next for the game?

March 01 , 2016


Getting a look at what has been happening since the relaunch of the game on 9th February gives us good ground to say that Blizzard is taking the development of Overwatch really seriously. That is a great news for all of the game fans and for the ones that will enjoy it in the future. A lot of the OP champions have been nerfed and the game is getting more and more balanced with each new patch. There are still sides of the game that need to be fixed though.

Here is our Overwatch boosting team thoughts on what should be worked on:

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1. A few heroes still stand above the rest when it comes to capability to carry. Genji is a prime example of a champion that can dominate a game on his own at the current state of the game. Combined with a Zenyatta it really becomes a force in the game that teams struggle to counter. This goes both for pub play and for competitive. We've been monitoring the last few tournament events and a good Genji in the team really gives a big edge over your opponents.

2. Some maps are designed to favour one side more than the other and that needs to change. Temple of Anubis is one of the battlefields that really favours the Defending team. The 2nd capture point is designed so that the defending team can situate so well that the attackers rarely manage to find a hole to sneak through. Ofcourse it happens, and on that kinda battleground an extra tank champion is always good to have. There are other maps that slightly favour one of the sides, but it is really visible on Temple of Anubis.

3. We are on the verge of starting to figure out what is good/bad for competitive Overwatch and in that matter for Overwatch boosting in general. The rank system structure, the champion select/ban stage and possible maps bans are a factor that will really determine how far Ovw can go when it comes to competitive play. What is really good at the moment is that a lot of High quality players and cooporations are starting to target this game as a top tier FPS competitive possibility. A few top teams are formed and stand above the rest and there will be more to come once the access to the game is not limited. Many players are switching platforms and going for the Overwatch experience. TF2, Quake, CS, Unreal are one of the platforms that bring many new and known faces, each of them with different approach to the game and view of how to conquer the top ranks. Blizzard really needs to create a great ranking system that will stand up to the hype this game is creating in the last few months.

4. The current state of the game allows little diversity when it comes to strategy in our eyes. That is mainly due to the fact that there are certain heroes that simply need to be included in your composition. Winston for example is one of these and there is rarely a game that you will not see him. The monkey is insanely good for engaging, defending your team and creating chaos in the enemy lines. Lucio also stands as one of the top champions. What is bothering is that these heroes dont really need to be played by someone with high mechanics skill. They are pretty strate forward. Well Lucio is certainly someone that can be extremely good in the hands of a pro player, but that doesnt negate the fact that he is super useful even if he is played by a newbie.

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Player progression was the first step towards bringing something to play for. Now it's time to set the bar higher. Blizzard made a couple of articles and a few clips about how they thing that Ranked play should be formed. This is really the most important thing at the current point of time.

All the visuals that can be won with lootboxes are just going to get better and better ! That is for sure. Blizzard also announced that soon people will be able to purchase anything from the shop with real money so that will be great for most people :).

We are seeing great interest towards the game and the fanbase is growing daily so that is a promising start for a game so young. It's really all in the hands of the developers to keep the players interested with more and more new features as well with balancing the game so it doesnt feel onesided or unevenly matched.

We heard that Bastion and Widowmaker will get a little bit of rework in the next patch which is expected to happen today or tomorrow.

The tournements are growing each day and although the teams that manage to conquer the top spots are basicly the same a few of the newly form team show promise to have good results. GoogleMe is one of the rising star teams that have outperformed even the ones that were considered unbeatable. The tournament friquency is getting quite more dense with a few big coorporations standing behind them including Pricepool wise they are not flashy yet, but the most certainly will be in the future if Overwatch keeps on attracting that much interest.

That so far are the most interesting news. Keep track of and check regularly for up-to-date information.

We are soon to release our Overwatch boost section and a brand new Members Area. Lots of exciting things are happening in the near future!

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