How to use our MEMBERS AREA as a client ( guide on how to use our members area.

How to use our MEMBERS AREA as a client (

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How to use our MEMBERS AREA as a client (

April 27 , 2016



1. Members area functionality
2. Registration
3. Purchasing service as Registered user (example order forms filled)
4. Order status information; Ongoing order graphs (My profile view)
5. Inside the order functions - CLICK ON THE ORDER to get inside it
6. Safety and confidentiality
7. Boosting service links

For any additional information you might need feel free to contact our support team.



Making a registration takes a minute. By creating a profile on our website you will be able to use functionalities that you won't be able to without it.
Customers can still purchase services from our site without registration, but they will not have a number of functions available for the registered ones.

Using our Members area as a customer you can:

- Keep track of all your current and completed orders
- Know when you have a booster assigned to your order (we send automatic mail to your registration email address informing you of that)
- Know if your booster has issues logging in your account to start the boost (we send automatic mail to your registration email address saying that the information you provided is incorrect in such cases)
- Have direct link (Chatbox) to your assigned booster
- Keep track of Money spent at
- Follow the progress of your order(s)
- Pause/unpause the progress - option that will allow you to know when the booster is playing and also give you a chance to schedule your account to be free if you want to play a few games yourself
- Edit your login information
- Know when your order is completed (Status will be "Completed - waiting for approval")
- Follow all the important innovations related to the site in the "ANNOUNCEMENTS" field
- Use periodic promotions and discounts that are unavailable for unregistered users


The process of registering at is really simple.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Click on the top right corner of the site "Login / Registration"

myboosting login and registration

Step 2: Fill in the Registration form with your details:

registration fields

Step 3: Mark (by clicking on it) the "I confirm that all the entered information is accurate and i agree to your terms of use" field
Step 4: Press the SIGN UP button
Step 5: Press the "I am not a robot" button (sometimes it requires you to enter an answer - if so verify the photos)
Step 6: An email for validation will be sent to your registration email address. Once you log in your mail box you will see an Email from MyBoosting - open it and click the link.

validation mail

Note: Sometimes there is a few minutes delay for the validation email to arrive depending on the mailbox provider that you use.

Done! Your account is now created and you can log in and purchase anything you want!


By purchasing as a registered user you will have a much wider variety of functions (see point 1). If you forgot to log in before purchasing, but you want to use our Members area and keep track of your order PLEASE CONTACT OUR SUPPORT - we have an option to reassign orders from non existing to existing users.

example order form

MORE EXAMPLE ORDER FORMS - if you have doubts how to fill in your order form.


At this point you are already registered member of and you have made an order. This is how your profile will initially look like

logged in

Once you log in you will see in the graph "Ongoing orders" the order(s) that you have placed and are unfinished. There you can see the following graphs (fields): "Order type - search"; "Purchase date"; "Booster - search"; "Order status"; "Progress"'; "Amount".

Each of these fields represents a specific things and they give you instant impression of what stage of your order is at.


- Order type represents what service you have purchase (Win boosting, Duoqueue, Coaching etc...)
- Purchase date - when you placed the order
- Booster - the name of your assigned booster. IF THIS FIELD SAYS "WAITING" this means that you still don't have a booster assigned for your boost.
- Order status - we will get into the types of order status in a second
- Progress represents what part of the order is completed. Example - My order is rank 10 - rank 1, my account is currently at rank 7. The progress field will show a 30% progress marker. (We updte the progress every few hours and always when it's 100% completed).


- Amount - the price of your order.


The order statuses are the following:


in progress 1 unread paused approval

- Paid - waiting for booster - you are still waiting for a booster to be assigned to your order
- Available - you have a booster, but he is not playing on your account / has not started your order yet
- In progress - the booster is on your account and playing/ he is playing the DuoQueue games with you etc.
- Paused - you have paused the boost and you don't want the booster to play on the account until you unlock the account for him. You can pause the boost only when the Status of the order is AVAILABLE by Clicking the PUT ORDER ON HOLD button inside your order.
- Completed - waiting for approval - this means that your order is 100% finished and you need to approve it's completion using the "CONFIRM COMPLETION" button inside the order. We can also do that manually as administrators
- Unread - this means that the booster has texted you on the chatbox - check your message(s).
- Completed


Keeping track of the Order status and Progress gives you instant knowledge of what stage the service is at the current moment.


You as a client can CLICK ON YOUR ONGOING ORDER TO GET INSIDE IT (same applies for your completed orders). There you will have a number functions that you can use.

- APPLY CHANGES button - if you have given wrong account login information, or you have changed it you can edit it using the form above and pressing this button.

change login info

- PUT ORDER ON HOLD button - this is visible only when the booster is not playing on your account and serves you to pause the boost if you want the booster to not log for a period of time. If the booster is playing on your account you will not have the option to press this button but you can always write in the chatbox if you have any questions/demands.

put on hold

- CHATBOX - this is your direct link to the booster that will perform the boost. You can exchange any type of information with your booster.


- APPROVE COMPLETION button - it will be visible after the boost has been finished - press it when you see that you are at the place that you wanted to be.

Approve completion

- The booster can also send you files (replays, screens etc.). If he has done so you will have attached files underneath the chatbox that you can download.

6. SAFETY AND COFIDENTIALITY guarantees that all information given by you to the site will remain confidential. The login information is saved on a back up server with high security and an extremely limited access. Your account information will be known only to the assigned booster and in cases needed by the admins of the website to perform maintenance.

If any additional questions arise or if you have suggestions how to improve our members area please contact us - we are always happy to help!


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