HS Dungeon run guide, part 1

HS Dungeon run guide, part 1


HS Dungeon run guide, part 1

December 12 , 2017


Kobolds and Catacombs brought to us a whole new game mode called Dungeon Run. This is basically a single player mode where you have to defeat 8 computer generated opponents to complete it with a certain class. Once you’ve accomplished this feat with each class you get the prestigious Candle king King card back. This is by far the most challenging and the most interesting single player that Hearthstone has offered to us so far. Now let’s get into some details.

When you choose a class your initial deck consists of just 10 basic cards and you start at 15 health. However you shouldn’t be too worried about that because the first boss is very weak and has even less health than you. With every win you get to add 3 new cards to your deck by choosing out of 3 thematic packages that can vary – a dragon package with 2 dragons and a card that synergizes with dragons or a jade package. Furthermore for every 2 wins you get a special reward that can be one of 2 types: a very powerful card that is added to your deck (like Wand of Disintegration that silences all opposing minions and then destroys them only for 3 mana) or a passive ability which works like a spell that you cast for free at the start of the game (like play 3 random secrets). Finally you receive 5 extra health for each defeated boss. All this means that your deck becomes really powerful as you get deeper into the Dungeon Run. However each next boss is more challenging so it’s not an easy deed to overcome all of them.

There are a lot of bosses you can face so it’s really unlikely you get the same sequence for any 2 dungeon runs. There are 48 bosses in total. Here are some examples:

Giant Rat – this is one of the guys you can get for your first encounter. His hero power gives him two 1/1 rats. He’s usually dead by the time he can do anything because his health is just 10.

A.F. Kay - She just passes a number of turns so be fast and deliver the final blow before she does anything. Otherwise you end up against a board filled with 8/8 giants. (she plays a spell that says that everything costs 0)

Azari - A lot of demons and milling. Removes the 2 two top cards of your deck every turn. Pretty hard to survive this one. Also pretty RNG heavy as he is one of the bosses you face last and you can't rely on much consistency in your remaining deck.

Overall the random bosses, the random cards you get and the random special rewards make each run a very unique and overwhelming experience.


Our Hearthstone boosting squad can provide you with the following services for this game mode:

Dungeon run completion (Boost). If you just want to get the job done without much involvement then this is your thing. You tell us which classes you need us to get through the dungeons and we do it – fast and easy. It doesn’t matter if it is just that one class that gives you trouble or a package of all nine classes – we are here to help.

Boost with screenshare. This service is for those of you who want to experience the Dungeon Runs but don’t want to tackle them alone. You are the pilot of your deck and you make all the moves while at the same time you are in a skype call with one of our boosters that tells you what to do. You get to feel every step in the kobold dungeons but you don’t have to worry about any wrong choices.

HS Coaching. This is my favorite one. Once again you talk with one of our coaches but this time you don’t just receive plain instructions about what to do. Instead you are entitled to get a sound and detailed theoretical analyses that includes general guidance about the mode and specific classes as well as thorough explanation for every move you make while playing with the coach. Here are some basic examples about general coaching for this mode:

"Greed is good, big is better."

Get to play big dudes as early as possible and win the day despite any of the bosses' synergies (including dude who destroys the creature with highest power - just wait a bit and let him destroy his own board)

As long as you can get early low cost big boys (you absolutely need speed or board clear on the quest rogue boss) you can fight any RNG misfortunes including loot and ingame RNG. If however you want some RNG on your side and you also want to survive unharmed the first few turns - the Secret passive seems like a must have.”

As for the classes:

“Warrior has some hardships - meaning that most paths of building your deck rely either on pain synergy or taunt one. The first path is too weak and is also lacking more strongly defined win conditions. (this includes both "hurts" and "berserker" paths).....thought it's pretty fun to play enrage dudes against the bomb throwing boss.

The taunt/armor path has some pretty heavy stuff but it also lacks speed and you really need that sweet removal...or the perfect loot to either speed your game or get tons of value. Seems like Justicar Ring isn't nearly enough to slow the game in your favor”

As you can see we’ve done our homework to be able to provide you with the very specific level of assistance you require to emerge victorious from the gloomy catacombs haunted by kobolds, beasts and demons.


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