HS - Journey to Un’Goro Deck Building

HS - Journey to Un’Goro Deck Building


HS - Journey to Un’Goro Deck Building

April 10 , 2017


After the first 5 days of the new Hearthstone expansion - Journey to Un’Goro we com would like to share some of the most interesting decks that the pros have made so far. Using some of these decks properly will boost your Hearthstone rank significantly.

The meta has changed a lot with the launch of the new expansion so lets start exploring it.

First of all Murlocks? Yep that’s right. Murlocks are everywhere. With the launch of the new expansion blizzard revived the forgotten Murlock decks. And they are now stronger than ever. From a Murlock agro Druid to a Murlock Priest! Everywhere!

Another interesting thing that happened with the release of Journey to Un’Goro is the so called death of the pirates. They were super annoying for the past couple of months, but now their glory is gone. Since pre-expansion their only hard counter was Reno decks with a good card draw, lately you can even see full on anti pirate decks. We would like to share you one of those decks, which is a “pirate destroyer”:

CHECK HERE for the deck.

Besides that there are plenty of control priest and control warrior decks that do not let the pirate decks kill you on turn 4-5 which was something completely normal during the pre-expansion.

Another really exciting thing about the new meta is that its pretty much aggressive one. With the new Rogue quest (probably the strongest quest around), the new Hunter quest and of course the Murlocks back in the game, one out of 3 decks you will face climbing the ladder will be something super aggressive.

Myboosting.com would like to share with you some of the strongest decks for rank increasing, stated by some of the best Hearthstone players in the world.

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Lets start with the Rank 1 Legend deck in all 3 regions, The quest rogue:

CHECK HERE for the deck

It's incredibly strong deck with the right starting hand. The goal of the deck is to play a minion 4 times before you hit turn 5. Once done, you will get all your minions, including the ones on your hand and on the battlefield with stats of 5/5. Yep that’s correct. You can get all the charge minions to 5/5 and in some rare occasions even being able to do a one turn kill combo.

There are 2 new control mage decks that are very interesting and fun to play.

CHECK HERE for the decks

This is a quest based deck, reminding a lot to Reno freeze mage, but much stronger. You will be able to stop early aggression and have a perfect card draw and once you complete your quest literary one turn kill your enemy.

Another similar in mechanic and playstyle deck is Exodia’s quest mage:

CHECK HERE for the deck

Incredibly strong and fun to play with, but requires a good card draw. The goal is to complete your quest, summon 4 Sorcerers’s apprentice, play your quest card for 1 mana, reset your turn and get infinite fireballs with Archmage Anthonidas. The only issue in this deck might backfire if you don’t manage to get the right hand.

And lets get to the Aggressive decks:

CHECK HERE for the deck

This is a new Druid deck, similar to the old school Force of nature savage roar combo long ago. All you have to do is keep spawning minions, and at some point pop up savage roar and destroy your opponent within a single turn. Funny huh?

Aggressive Hunter is another thing you would like to try and see ingame. This deck is also quite strong for ladder climbing up to rank 5, providing fast games with a pretty good winratio. This is basiclly the upgraded version of the old Agro Hunter:

CHECK HERE for the deck

Basic strategy of playing it. Get 1,2,3 cost minions, flood the board and only focus on face.

Another thing, that will make the fans of control decks happy is the mighty return of the Handlock. With nice card synergy being provided by new expansion cards, and the fall of Reno Jackson this season, the Handlock is being brought back to life stronger than ever:

CHECK HERE for the deck

And of course, the mighty control Warriors. With many possible variations, but with similar as before control cards. Brawls, executes and shield slams will help you climbing with super high winrates, but with very long games. Here is one of the best control Warrior versions:

CHECK HERE for the deck

Hearthstone murlock ranking

And lets don’t forget about the Murlocks. Similar to control warrior there are many different Murlock decks, but lets state some of the most powerful ones:

CHECK HERE for the deck

Shaman version of the new Murlocks decks.

CHECK HERE for the deck

Aggressive Murlock Druid.

CHECK HERE for the deck

Aggressive Murlock Paladin.

For all the Murlock decks there are different options for the specific Murlocks you are going to choose but those mentioned above are probably the best ones.

Myboosting.com will keep you up-to-date with the new changes to the Hearthstone. Our Hearthstone boosting section is under development but as soon as it goes live our team will gladly help you achieve the rank you desire and the overall ingame knowledge.

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