Impressions after first try of Overwatch (ovw boost site review)

Impressions after first try of Overwatch (ovw boost site review)


Impressions after first try of Overwatch (ovw boost site review)

December 09 , 2015


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As a future Overwatch boosting service we are really excited to play this game. Well, yesterday after a visit at a friends house who has the beta access I had the pleasure of putting a few hours of Overwatch action. Quite honestly the game did not disappoint me in any way. It is smooth, intense, dynamic and very versatile. I tried a few champions, since i didnt want to just get stuck in playin one. The required skill of the game is quite higher than expected. Having a pretty decent background playing on high level in other FPS i thought it would be like a walk in the park. Well in this game you dont need to just aim properly. The different champions and roles that are available in the game make things much trickier. The general feeling is more like playing a MOBA when it comes to tracking cooldowns, using your abilities in the right places and ofcourse the FPS aspect of the game is just there. XD.

The general flow of the game is really enjoyable. You dont really need to be focused 24/7, since the games last for 5-10 minutes. Which is relaxing, considering that I am used to getting stuck in one game for 30-40 mins+. 10 minutes is a piece of cake. And a lot things happen in these 10 minutes, dont get me wrong. The game brings more action in that short period of time than most other games in 30-40 even 60 minutes. Constant battles, good plays, bad plays XD.

First of all I had basic knowledge about all the maps and heroes from watching streamers. Thought that would help me do my thing and stomp some enemies:D WRONG. Just watching isn't actually playing and experiencing it from first sight. So first of all every new player apperantly needs a few days of hardcore gaming in order to feel comfortable on the different battlegrounds and playing different roles.


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I've been boosting for various games, so i made a plan for the champions that i would test in order to see if they will be good for doing Overwatch boosts. Quite honestly i was thinking Widowmaker since i love snipes, but some scumbag picked it up before me and since i dont like being the troll in the team i went for Tracer, since that champion simply looks like real fun. And it is! I really got dunked hard that game, but that is another topic. I am quite sure it was not because of the champion choice, but more like my way of playing it, considering I was testing the game on a different PC than mine - well that made things even harder to do any useful stuff. After this game (we got shreked as mentioned) i went for Hanzo as Defense on Volskaya Industries. This game went really good and i actually hit some pretty sick shots. I didnt remember that Hanzo could climb walls, so that was a bit of a derp stuff but at the end i got the hang of it and generally a feel of how the game should be played. Ofcourse the mistakes i made were countless but at least i managed to spot some of them and try to avoid their repetition.

My other played champions were - Pharah, Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Junkrat (had a real blast with him), Lucio, Zenyatta and the worst game with McRee. The overall performance brought mixed feelings into my confident head. The game really requires skill and dedication. There are still a few aspects that i would like to see changes, but for this time it is headed in a really really good direction.

I am quite sad that I cant play the game whenever i want, but well - gotta work with what you have. Mentioning that I intend to make a phonecall quite soon and see if that friend is available for some guests later ;D

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