Impressions of the HotS season one ranked system (HotS boost site preview)

Impressions of the HotS season one ranked system (HotS boost site preview)

Heroes of The Storm

Impressions of the HotS season one ranked system (HotS boost site preview)

June 24 , 2016


Our Heroes of the Storm boost team had the opportunity to get a lot of information on how the new ranked system works. The main question we asked previously is how hard it would be to climb the ladder, and what the placement matches win rate would mean. We heard a lot of promises from Blizzard, but with respect they didn't keep a lot of them. Why is that?

First of all the placement games significance was supposed to be extremely high. The MMR from the previous season was meant to determine a little part of where you would get placed after the first 10 games, and the performance in them would mean a lot more. Well we did a lot of placements and the results are quite the opposite. How can you make a guy that goes 0-10 in placements Diamond 3 just because he had good MMR in the preseason and a guy that went 10-0 placed in Gold 5 because he was rank 33. That simply doesnt make any sense and it is definitely not what was promised.

How can you place so many people directly in Diamond 3??? It was supposed to be a competitive ladder that takes time to climb. At day 3 we had 3 of our boosters at Master, and eventually in Grandmaster because it was not full. That is plain retarded. Wasn't Grand Master boosting supposed to be hard? The community asked for competition, not a remake of your old system with an addition of the GM rank. You copy the League of Legends ranking system, but you even managed to rework it so that it can be extremely easy for some and extremely difficult for others that were lower placed in the Preseason. Our Heroes of the Storm boosting site is greatly disappointed of what was delivered. Yes there is an improvement from the preseason system, but it's nowhere near what it should be. We have a tip for you - copy and paste the LoL system, don't change a single thing. They did it better, there is no shame in that.

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We are a competitive company that wants to actually play against the top players, not an assembly of what was well rated in the last seasons. We hope you work harder on your Season 2 system and give the ones that actually do good the opportunity to get higher, while the ones that play like monkeys get where they should. Being top rank with 40 games played is just bad. Decrease the max division you can get placed after placements, that way people will actually try for longer time to get to the Master and GM rank.

There is a crucial factor that is missing to make this system work, that is outside of Blizzards hand though. The number of players that are playing the game is much less than what the system is made for. Maybe if they actually started the Season 1 a year ago that mechanism would work, but at the moment it doesn't.

We get that you want to make things easier for the general public, we just don't get why? You have a Quick Match option for the ones that don't want to tryhard. You want to make the game competitive just by giving huge prizepools on the tournaments but that won't do the job. You need something to keep the interest for a longer period of time and the only thing that can do that is to make a better and harder to climb ranking system. The community spoke on a number of times on that topic and we completely agree. Blizzard is known to listen to the public's voice so we expect improvement for the future.

The game has a long way to go to reach the other popular MOBAs. We will walk the path along side Blizzard up to the moment where they irreversible mess up.

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